Nasi Padang Sederhana, Gado- Gado Boplo et al @ Tangerang, Indonesia

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Had a short trip to Jakarta , rather than staying in Jakarta and be burdened by the traffic , our host recommended for us to stay at Tangerang, well, I have no problem with that as that means not having to wake up as early as we had to, if we were to stay in the city centre la, Pak.

We stayed at Hotel Santika BSD City Serpong  , which was rather convenient as it was connected to a shopping complex  (the rooms can be a bit small though). As for breakfast, the spread include local food as well as western fare, I liked the Nasi Kuning ( yellow rice)  – which was served with meat floss, curry potato, fried chicken, omelet shreds, tomatoes and cucumber.

For lunch, as we were carrying out some work at the customer and couldn’t get away , the customer had kindly packed lunch for us – fried rice with salted fish- woohhooo..potent ler..salted fish were very salty but yummy with rice ..anyway, on the second day, we had Nasi Padang at this place called Sederhana.

I love nasi padang – where you get entrusted with a wide variety of dishes , stacked on top of each other , and you get charged for what you eat ( better than looking the menu !) The dishes I liked included : brinjal fried with chili padi and ginger, ayam percik (yummm) and the sayur masak lemak…

 Dinner time ! Hosts asked us what we would like for dinner. Something Indonesian! – we replied .

We headed off to Gado- Gado Boplo.

Click here for the menu

This plate of Gado-gado was 19,000 Rp – with tofu, cabbage, tempe ( fermented beans) , corn, nasi himpit ( rice cubes) , long beans, cucumber, taugeh, fishballs, meat , half a boiled egg  etc etc, topped with creamy peanut sauce and prawn keropok.The sauce was superb ( salivating as I write this) a bit like the satay gravy, but creamier and without the spice tone. I was worried that this would probably not satisfy my stomach as it’s mostly vegetable lah but it turned out to be rather filling and greedy me had a bit of a struggle to finish this – although even to the end, I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful.

We had some side orders too:

Sate ayam ( Chicken satay) Rp 20,000 : only lean meat were used, I found the meat  a bit dry but the gravy was yummy

 Sate kambing ( mutton satay) Rp 29,000: the mutton was tender and devoid of the kambing-ish strong smell that I do not fancy ( a plus point) . The gravy was not the typical satay gravy with was peanut based, but a thick sweet black sauce with cut chilies and garlic. Nice..

We also had some ayam goreng, but my camera was too slow and the plate was being emptied before I could do my point and shoot, anyway, it was a good ayam goreng well marinated with tumeric yet retained the ayam-ish flavour, and although deep fried, the meat was tender ( meat falling off the bone). Perfect !

 Gado-gado Boplo
Jln Raya Serpong Km 8 No. 7
Tel : (021) 532123498 / 597


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