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Posted: September 22, 2010 in @ Kuchai Lama
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Sunday morning – my makan-adviser Wikipedia Lim waved a name card excitedly at me and said ‘ Char koay teow with salted egg, must try’ then added ‘ I think I cut short my life by maybe 3 months for eating  this but it’s well worth it’ – with that,  he passed me a business card bearing the name D’rich. Char koay teow is already something to salivate about… CKT with salted egg..hmm..the rate of salivation tripled !

We trotted to Kuchai Lama on the same day that I got my hands on that business card. D’Rich was easy to locate, being a corner lot and taking up a few shop lots. It was a Sunday around lunch hour and the place was rather busy, mixture of young-ish and not too young-ish crowd, friends, couples, families with young children, families with grandparents,  extended families..you get the picture..

I enjoyed flipping through the menu .. glossy pictures of food..

For drinks – I ordered an interesting number –Lychee cincau and lime RM5.10 ( seriously lah, if not for this blog, I would just have ordered iced lemon tea..see, the sacrifice i make…does that make your eyes water ? no ahhh ? u cruel cruel person you…)  this was rather interesting- a mug with a wide mouth was delivered to our table and in it – half a lime, lychee and cincau served with finely shaved iced. The taste of  lime was dominant and a bit of the lychee flavour came through, I don’t feel like this was a good combination, for me the taste clashes lah. And suggest to finish it before the ice melt as my drink  seemed to taste rather flat after the ice had disappeared.

We also had D’Rich Ice Kacang (RM5.50) -AHHHhh…. rich with santan ( coconut milk) and gula melaka ( palm sugar) , tasted more like cendol than ABC, but no complaints ! this had the usual roasted peanut, cendol, red bean,corn etc..Delicious !

Of course I had to order the D’Rich salted egg yolk CKT– this was a bit saltier than the usual CKT, as it was ‘flavoured’ by salted egg yolk, the taste of salted egg yolk was prominent and complimented the CKT very well….Nice..i am not sure on top of the RM7.90 / plate did I pay with 3 months of my life too..well, no one is doing the math..not me, anyway.

Kampong Chicken koay teow soup ( RM8.60)- the koay teow soup was average . but the kampong chicken was nice – it was so tender that with just minimal effort, one could sink one’s fang into it easily

Overall, an enjoyable meal ! Our bill came to RM 29.80 ( there is a 10% service charge )

Visit D’Rich website for more details  : www.drich.com.my  – rather comprehensive and like the physical menu – had all the pretty pixs

Location :
No 2G Jln Kuchai Maju 8
Off Jln Kuchai Lama,
58200 K L
Tel 78924921

 D’Rich has a 3 other branches and they can be found at ; Bandar Puteri, Puchong ; Bandar Makhota ,Cheras and SS2 PJ.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Their food taste average and overpriced. Had it twice and that is it.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Anon, that bad meh ? i think in general most cafe and even kopitiam are now getting too expensive, prices are always increasing, but portions are getting smaller and no improvement in quality

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