Starview Restaurant 仙景樓飯店@ Prai,Penang

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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When times were good , the company used to indulged in Chinese new year dinners for customers and for a few times, these dinners were held at Starview Restaurant, and I would most probably be in my new year outfit, something with a Chinese collar , in red probably …. and get mistaken for being one of the kitchen help…well, since times have not been so good…these were some of the perks that were discontinued…ah..that put me in a somber mood…

Anyway…back to the present..

At that time of our visit recently, Starview was having a steamboat lunch promotion thingy for RM18/pax- which seemed rather  reasonable but as we didn’t feel like cooking our own meal, we decided to have rice and order some dishes ( and ours was the only table to do so)

From the picture in the menu, 6 spring rolls fit snugly onto a plate, so we thought, ok- that will do…and when the popiah (RM12)  arrived..they were very much larger ! we could have been happy with just 1 .The filing was tasty- well seasoned meat and vegetable wrapped in beancurd skin ( fu churk) . Tasted kinda like woo kok (yam pastries). Nice..


Codfish in pounded ginger (RM30)  – when the fish arrived at our table,  covered in green gravy, I thought that there has been some mistake, ginger- where got green one ? anyway, there was no mistake lah. The flavour of spring onion seemed to overpower that of ginger but hey, no complaints, this was nice, the fish was steamed just nice –  sweet and succulent .


Broccoli with prawns (RM20) – it’s always like this, it happens everywhere …. when we order some vegetable with prawns, the prawns always manage to turn the table, shining the spotlight on itself screaming Me ! Me ! Look at Me! I saw more prawns than vegetable and some cold fear creep into my heart..…how much will we be charged for these delicious sweet, fresh and succulent M-sized prawns…


Fried Tofu (RM10) – Deep fried tofu….there were nothing in the tofu but more tofu, yeah..if this was fried tofu with know what could have happened ! anyway, plain it may be, but in taste- this was not bad, crispy deep fried outer layer and soft on the insides, the aroma of tofu permeates the taste buds with each bite..hmmm..


Overall, a rather enjoyable meal..and i hope they bring back the company Chinese New Year dinner 😀

Starview Restaurant (Prai) Sdn Bhd.,

2832-2834, Jalan Baru,

Bandar Prai Jaya,

13600 Prai

(Kompleks Megamall Penang- China town)

Tel : 04-397 1221/222

 The main Starview Restaurant is at Penang Island : Burmah Road –Tel : 04 226 6544/5213

  1. Mindy Loo says:

    does the restaurant open on chinese new year’s eve 02/02/2011? i would like to reserve one table for 12 people.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    hi Mindy, i am not sure will Starview be opened on CNY year eve, we used to have the company dinner during the 10th or 11th day , please call them up to check and maybe have a look if they offer any special new year menu too ( guess it might be a bit too early to look at the menu, it might not be out yet :P)

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