Restorant May Fong 美芳茶餐室@ Butterworth

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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We arrived at May Foong at about 2:30pm on a Sunday, and at that hour, I expected it to be a quiet time. Wrong ! I don’t know when is a proper time for lunch anymore lah..for us, our excuse was a late breakfast, I guess it must be the same for the rest of the folks that made up the crowd at May Fong that day too.

This seemed like an old shop that people grow up/ grow old with – as I saw the friendly banters between the customers and the waiter/waitresses/owners :  be it admiring the babies ( I guess they will be bringing their bf/gfs here when they grow up ) or  catching up with the white haired aunties and uncles ( I bet they came here when their hair were dark and their eye sights better)

For the 2 of us we ordered rice + chicken + vege + a bowl of wantan

The rice was ordinary white rice, ahh..i would have loved it if this was the oily fragrant chicken rice instead 

The chicken was tender and smooth, the oyster sauce was light and not overpowering- letting the fragrant of the chicken shine through.. – simple and tasty..Yummm


The vege  tender choy sum was lightly blanched and topped with oyster sauce- again- simple and tasty


The wantan soup was tasty but I wasn’t impressed with the wantan though- the skin was so-so and they weren’t generous with the  filing


Plus drinks ( kopi-pheng and nutmeg), the total bill came to RM11.80 – which I think was rather reasonable lah

Restoran May Fong

Location: 4274 Jalan Kampong Benggali,Butterworth, Penang.

Opening Hours: 10.15am – 6.00pm

Tel: 04- 3314109


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