May Tip Thai Food Restaurant @ Bukit Mertajam

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Met up with PW and SC for dinner and on the way , we tried to  solve the usual question of ‘where and what to eat’  . We decide to head on to May Tip which PW and myself had not tried.

Business must be good, it was a weekday and most of the tables were taken up. We studied the menu, discussed amongst ourselves and asked the waitress for some recommendation and decide to go for Vegetable omelet, pork knuckles and kailan with salted fish.

Vegetable omelet – this egg omelet was filled with finely (unidentified) shredded vegetable This is one of May Tip’s specialty. The omelet was nice and crispy and although deep fried  it didn’t have that oily (guilty) residue. Later after checking on some blogs, found out that the mysterious vege was kangkong ( watercress) .


 Deep fried pork knuckles – we asked for an ‘S’ sized knuckle, and I think the cook chose the right size for the 3 of us, it was nice to chew on the deep fried crunchy part of the knuckle. The meat was tender but I find it a bit bland. After a while , we got a bit overwhelmed by the knuckle – I didn’t know a knuckle can have so much of meat lah ! anyway, we decided to surrender and have PW pack up the remaining 1/3 of the knuckle for her mum to cook  ‘chye booi’


Kailan with salted fish – this was average. And after that session with the pork knuckle, our conclusion was that we did a mistake in our orders, all the 3 dishes that we selected didn’t have very strong flavours, we should have chosen at least 1 dish that was ‘stronger’ so that the meal didn’t feel too bland..which sadly—it did.


The bill ( plus 3  servings of rice and herbal drinks) came up to RM54.80)

Overall- based on the dishes that we ordered – I would say this was an average meal.

Location :

No. 28, Lebuh Keranji, Taman Mutiara,

14000 Bukit Mertajam

Tel : 04 5399910


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