A Curries @ Jalan Chain Ferry , Prai

Posted: September 8, 2010 in @ Old Klang Road
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 ‘We serve authentic Indian cuisine’ – that is the tagline for A Curries. One of the main reason that we usually come to A Curries for official purpose was that it is a halal restaurant and secondly the food is rather ok too.

 Ms Y is rather besotted with Mango Lassi and the first thing she said to the waiter ( and the rest of us) even before taking her seat  ( and all in one breath) was ‘ Do you have mango lassi ? I want mango lassi, do you guys want mango lassi ? it’s very good you know. You all should try mango lassi, it’s very good, I love it ’. Nods all around, ok, 4 mango lassi, if you insist..

We decide to go for the individual set meal rather than order dishes to share.

After our order, the waiter came around with banana leaves (which was to be our plate for the day) and on this he scooped ( from the metal container he was holding) : cucumber salad, vege chutney  and curried tapioca roots ( which we initially thought was not too well cooked potato, but Pn K who cooks at home,  told us that ‘eh, itu ubi kayu lah bukan ubi kentang’  


Ms Y had the Chicken Briyani set (RM6.00), Ms Y eye balled  the waiter , who bypassed her during the serving of the vegetables, only to be told that this set did not come with the 3 types of vegetable. And later she was kinda mystified and waited for the waiter to come with some chicken – but was later told that it was  ‘hidden’  under the briyani rice.


 Pn K and myself  had the fish curry set :- Fish curry with white rice ( RM5.80) plus 3 types of vegetable , plus  rasam, pampadam and pickles . Not bad, I ate with my hands ( sans forks and spoon) and I think this made it more enjoyable 😀


Y had the  Mutton masalah with tomato rice (RM 6.30) plus 3 types of vegetable , plus rasam, pampadam and pickles. The mutton came in a little terra cotta pot . SY seemed to enjoy this so much that all of us decide that we will order this when we visit A Curries next time.


Location : No 2680, Jln Chai Ferry

13600 Prai, Penang


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