Breakfast, Tea and Dinner @ Penang

Posted: September 5, 2010 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Let’s start with breakfast in Bukit Mertajam Morning market

PW decide to take me to the BM morning market for breakfast as there were some stalls that she would like me to try out

 Wantan Noodles – this was a popular stall  and it was a long long wait for the noodles to arrive . The noodles was like the Sarawak version where you get the noodles  in colourless gravy instead of the blackish soy sauce/thick soy sauce gravy  . The noodles also came with slices of char siew ( not bad, rather tasty) , vegetables and some wantan which were smooth and tasty. The texture of the noodles was good but it had gotten a bit sticky ( dry), at which point, I would normally wet the noodles with some soup but interestingly  there were no accompanying soup with the noodles.


Curry mee (RM3.50) – the gravy although light was very aromatic, the lemak-ness /santan ( coconut milk) was not strong, but this was more than compensated by the layers and layers of flavours from the soup. Nice…


Continuing with   – Tea Break :- popiah ( spring roll)  and rojak at BM

 We wanted to have something light between lunch and dinner-  and  popiah seemed to fit the bill pretty well. PW heard from a colleague that there is this insanely popular popiah stall in BM, we headed off to BM

The area taken up by the popiah seller 麗光薄餅plus another a rojak stall plus a stall selling drinks – which was at a junction , wasn’t big. And when we arrived ( about 2:30 ish) there were already a crowd gathered around the popiah stall. Seeing is believing :  we heard orders for 12, 18 and up to 20 pieces of popiah, most were takeaways, but there were a few eat-ins like us as well. We ordered 2 piece per person It was a long long wait…Auntie sells laksa too but as she was short of 1 helper for that day, only popiah was on the menu


While waiting – we ordered rojak  (RM3) – this was ok although the gravy was a slightly sweet.


The stall where the rojak came from : ( Rojak Orang Hitam Putih -translated : Black White Man Rojak) please ask  BM dwellers for this rojak battle of names  😀

After about 45 mins, the popiah (RM1/ pc) arrived…


The popiah skin was good – soft and thin, the filings : mengkuang shreds ,  taugeh ( bean sprouts) and lettuce –only had very light flavourings, which to me was rather bland and felt like water-ed down popiah. Conclusion : I may be wrong..but I do not know what the hype is all about.

Location : Jalan Bunga Raya , near the market place, try to locate Ideal Tailor in BM and you should see the popiah  stall a few doors away. ( pix below taken in the morning, before biz commenced)

Dinner at Jalan Raja Uda

Jln Raja Uda is food, food is Jln Raja Uda…not an exaggeration …there’s too much of food eateries at Jln Raja Uda.

#1 Curry Mee

This must be one famous stall in Prai as when curry mee is mentioned- it’s associated with ‘you mean the one at Raja Uda ?’

This is the stall where you get Curry Mee with  add-ons… and there are plenty of add ons to select from –chicken, fishballs, prawns, sotong, pork balls, vegetable, chicken feet..etc etc…

Actually horr..the serving for the curry mee is rather small and not that much of  the ingredients  too , so one would really have to order the add-ons in order to fill up the empty spaces in ones belly. I find that the taste of the curry mee was not bad ( but not outstanding either ), although the add-ons were a novelty , we ordered  : chicken feet ( highly recommended) was good, curry chicken ( not bad) , fish balls ( ok lah)


In pix above : Bottom two bowls are the main curry mee ( with cubes and cubes of jelly-ish pork blood) and the top bowl was our ‘add-ons’

 Seafood porridge /noodles

This seafood porridge stall ( not at same location as curry mee stall above) is another one famous stall at Jalan Raja Uda, where you can get to select the seafood that you what and have it cooked either in porridge or noodles.

The available selection ( not limited to seafood)  : variety of fishballs, meatballs, prawns, variety of sotong, fish meat, mushroom, pork liver , spoilt for choice


PW had noodles :


And I had porridge with fishballs, mincemeatballs and fishmeat…the verdict — I can fully understand why this stall is so popular. This was truly enjoyable. Double yum

the stall :


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