Pho 24 @ Ho Chi Minh

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Learning to speak Vietnamese is no laughing matter, to illustrate – Mandarin has 4 tones, Thai has 5 , Vietnamese has 6 leerrr..hence,  my frustration of not even being able to say a proper good morning ‘ Chauu Booay Sarnggg ’ to my hosts every morning when they pick me up from the hotel. I give up !

 This fine evening, I walked to Ben Tharn market again, whatever for, I do not know, maybe to build up my skills on how to cross the roads in Ho Chi Minh. Anyway, after walking around aimlessly which used up ALL of my reserves, I had to find a place to re-fill my tank. Then I saw a Pho24 stalls amongst the celah-celah of the night market. Studied the menu that was outside the shop and decide that the price was still within my budget, I push the door and welcomed the gush of cool air that greeted me.

I ordered a fresh coconut ( 17,000D ~ RM3.50)


And Com-  the broken rice set ( 50,000D ~ RM10), which came with rice ( of course) , and pork served in 3 different styles , pork pie :- a bit dry, pepperish with some tough bits here and there i.e. not uniform throughout, pork shreds :- look a bit like vermicelli or rubberband – texture is like vermicelli  ;  pork chop – the best of the three, this was tasty !   tender, succulent, not sure what this was marinated with , but it works. The set also came with vegetable soup and pickled vegetables.

Overall – an enjoyable meal.

The next morning , greeted my hosts with ‘ Chauu Booay Sarnggg ’ , but still got that wrong, DRATTTttt….and told them that I ate at Pho 24 and asked them do the locals eat there too and they said they go there for Pho ( and then I could almost kicked myself, going to a shop named Pho 24 and never even try their pho ? )

That evening, after work, I trotted off to Pho 24 again, this time to the outlet  opposite my hotel (5 mins away)


The combo meals available at Pho 24


I ordered pho with beef fillet.  I like the texture of the noodles which was a bit like ‘mee sua’ -smooth and soft… and the beef fillet were tender and tasty. I think I squeezed too much of lime into my bowl of pho which made the soup a bit on the sour-ish side. This bowl cost 50,000D (~RM10) which is actually not cheap also hor ?

 I looked up Pho24 on the WWW and got to know that the first Pho24 wa opened in June 2003 and by June 2010 – they have opened 77 outlets – not just in Vietnam but include Jakarta, Manila, Seoul, Phnom Penh and Sydney too , you can read more about it by clicking here

 The Menu  is available here

  1. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Xjion, thanks for dropping by. i don’t think it’s the same chain, as the name is different. Pho24 didn’t mention having an outlet in Malaysia ( not yet anyway).

  2. Jason says:

    The food in HCMC really not cheap..almost standard of KL or even more expensive

  3. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Jason, i think Pho24 would probably be something equivalent to dining at Old Town Cafe or those type of cafes, so price would not be cheap, anyway, when i ate at the stalls at Behn Tharn night market, a plate of noodles would have cost about RM4 to 5, so yeah. i guess it’s about ~ KL prices

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