Sight seeing around Ho Chi Minh

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Sights
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We finished work a bit earlier and was already back at the hotel at about 5 pm, my colleague decide to take a rest and catch up on his e-mails which meant –FREEDOM , for me lah..

After gobbling down a banana that I have nicked from the breakfast buffet earlier today,  I headed out to the streets of HCM, which were filled with motorcycles and more motorcycles


 I walked passed the Municipal theatre , a French colonial structured built in 1897


I was actually feeling kinda hungry when I saw a girl who was coming from the opposite direction and Yeahhh..she was carrying a basket of foodstuff . I pointed to a ‘ham chin peng’ lookalike thingy and asked her ‘how much ?’ , girl rummage her pockets and took out a 5,000Dong note to show to me. OK, I got it.  Pic below :  a half eaten ~RM1 Vietnamese ham chin peng

Came to the Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral (Notre-Dame Basillica) , this was constructed between 1863 and 1880.  The two bell towers reach up to a height of more than 58 meters


I had a chance to take a peek inside the cathedral – a service was taking place


I had wanted to sit on the pew and soak in the solemn atmosphere, but I didn’t know the correct way to cross myself and hence didn’t get passed the little wooden gate to join the service


 Meanwhile, back in the open, the General Post Office is located just beside the cathedral.  I have been inside this building during previous trips and it was rather impressive looking. Trivia : what does the GPO has in common with the Eiffel Tower ? This GPO was built based on the design specification of French architect Gustave Eiffel. Now you know.


After that, I walked towards Ben Tharn market…I have brought enough of lacquer wares before, so it was just look see look see time la. And before I know it, the sky was turning dark and sections of the market are closed ( closes at 6pm) – which is when  the night market will start, along the side of Ben Tharn market .

One of the food stalls with  many many cooks


 My dinner : fried transparent vermicelli with chicken meat ( which was very peppery)

  1. Jason says:

    Glad to see your post. I am preparing to HCMC too.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Jason, will u be at HCM for holiday or work ? hope u enjoy your stay. drop by again when u get back from ur trip and share your experience mahh..( and i hope u speak Vietnamese better than i do 😛 )

  3. Jason says:

    I am going for trip..
    u r goin for biz trip..?so nice

  4. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Jason — ah..u going for holidays, how nice ! how many days will you be there? will it just be at HCM or are you visiting other parts of Vietnam too ? i was there for work lah 😦

  5. Jason says:

    4 days on Oct
    I would like to work in oversea some times..the experience is different with a holiday trip

  6. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Jason, compared to working, holidays are more fun ..haha..! but you are right, different working enviroment and working with different people in another country – is an interesting experience.

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