Dar Her Yuen 大和園 @ Binh Duong, Vietnam

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Glorious Food Elsewhere

On the third day, it was a nice surprise to have the car pulled into a fancy looking restaurant rather than stopping to have lunch  by the dusty shops at the road side ( not that I am complaining as  those little shop does have their charms and the food had been good so far)

The name of the restaurant 大和園     – no Romanized characters, I took the liberty of ‘Romanizing’ it, translated,  it would probably mean – a big peaceful garden.


The appetizer – pickled vegetable , sourish with a bit of chili-  like a toned –down kimchi. This really got the gastric juice ready for the main dishes.


Fried bittergourd with egg…alamakkkk….second day of bittergourd in a row, The host insisted – ‘ bittergourd is very healthy  you know ..yaddaa..yaddaa…’ at the rate this is going, i will have bittergourd growing out of my ears before i leave Vietnam . The healthy bittergourd were thinly sliced . If you asked me – it’s a bit undercooked  as the pieces were still rather hard and raw , but I guess this might be the Vietnamese way as it was about the same yesterday too.


Deep fried tofu – these deep fried squares were delicious, one could savor the subtle fragrance of tofu as you bit into the outer crusty layer and the soft inner centre , the gravy resembled light soy sauce but it also had some tinge of sweetness.


Fish – this was like the fish I get in my Japanese bento set at Jusco


Pork belly soup- when I saw the soup, I thought it was salted vege soup with duck. Anyway, I was wrong both counts , it wasn’t salted vege nor was it duck. The soup was  was rather tasty and the pork belly was actually rather good -kinda chewy but still not bad.


Basil chicken – chicken stir fried with basil ( and maybe some oyster sauce) – the chicken pieces were well marinated and tender with a strong taste of basil, which I like.yummm


We were also served dessert – a piece of dragon fruit and some jelly.


When we were settling the bill at the counter, we met the Taiwanese owner. The restaurant is rather big, apart from the section where we sat, there was also a section where they serve Japanese food, and there are still eating area on the first floor. They also have a Chinese sinseh which you can consult  if your ying and yang needed some ‘alignment’

11A, Binh Duong, Lai Thieu,

Tel : 06500371888

( the restaurant is a few minutes away from the Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park ( VSIP)


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