Tib Restaurant @ District 3 , Ho Chi Minh

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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After a long day of hard work (yeah, u heard right, hard work !)  , we were whisked to a posh looking restaurant, beautiful set up with rosewood chairs, well groomed waitresses dressed in the traditional outfits, wine glasses on table , photos of famous people that dined there before – including Senior Bush , Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Bual Bual Kosong ..etc etc …

Tib Restaurant – founded in 1993- serves Hue style traditional dishes- i.e. food from the royal city of Hue – read more about Tib by clicking here :-

Our hosts  did the ordering, while I tried to prevent my rumbling stomach from getting too loud. The menu is online too- you can view it here

Although it was a weekday, the place was packed, I overheard the table next to us ( a group of Chinese) mentioning to the Captain that it took them 1 hour taxi ride to get here, I guess the fame of Tib must have spread far and wide !

First up was the entrée – porridge with  crab and prawn balls – the porridge was very light ( i.e not much of rice in it) more like soup than porridge, the seafood balls were yummy…springy and sweet taste of crab and prawn meat…hmmmmm

Deep fried spring rolls –tiny spring rolls i.e. tiny in comparison to Malaysian spring rolls, it’s not easy to have something deep fried that doesn’t taste good, does it ?

Tiny rice packets topped with ground shrimps  — add a dash of fish sauce and enjoy the descend of this deliciously smooth and thin rice flour batter down your throat.

Stir fried transparent  vermicelli with eel  94,000 – the taste of pepper was a bit too heavy for my liking, the eel was shredded – can’t really feel or taste the eel  – this was so –so for me ( which explained the blurry pix below)

Shrimp rice cakes steamed in banana leaves ( the rolled up stuff at the 4 corners) and prawn/crab meat cake – the prawn and crab meat cake taste good- springy and tasty and full of seafood sweetness.    And the rice cakes..they are really something, ,you could taste the aroma of banana leaves as you bite into these rolls,  Our host told us that her mum prepares this at home, and  it’s a bit of work, firstly prepare banana leaves (cleaned and then steamed), pour batter onto leaves, roll ‘em up. Steam. And to eat it , they have to unroll the leaves to get to the goodies, but lucky us – there were no need for us to lift a finger to undo the layers of banana leaves to enjoy this delectable cakes

Steamed shrimps in coconut 73,000D- AHHHHHHHHHH..coconut full of prawns….the prawns were steamed just right, springy, succulent and sweet …and the prawn broth in the coconut was soooo sweet….wonderful wonderful

Grilled beef wrapped in ‘ai lot’ leaves – The beef came all black and gooey looking..from the appearance- i wasn’t too excited , anyway.. this was served with rice paper  and some vege on the side,slices of  young banana and young starfruit. First – take rice paper- then take vegetable plus banana plus starfruit, then take a piece of beef, roll them up, dip into a bit of fish sauce and WOWWww..this was great ! the beef was tender , succulent and soo tasty one ( I dunno what they cooked this with making it black and gooey) , we then try using different types  of the leaves to ,make the rolls and this brought out  different taste/enjoyment to this dish. for me this was the best dish for the night !

Exchange rate is ~ 5,000Dong = RM1, from the prices quoted in the menu—I think their prices were rather reasonable.

Tib Restaurant:

187 Hai Ba Trung, District 3, HCMC
Tel: (08) 3829 7242


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