Vietnam – food on the go @ Binh Duong

Posted: August 4, 2010 in @ Old Klang Road
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The following few postings will ‘jump queue’ and be posted before the others – mainly becauseeeeeee… am in HoChiMinh (HCM)  and the moment, free internet excess, completed my work / replying e-mails, blah blah, no one invited me to any parrttyyy etc etc..i promise to write something about  food in Malaysia soon..promise.. really.. promise..please believe me..

We were at  Binh Duong area, which was nearly 2 hours drive  from HCM

Lunch on Tuesday was at My Phouc 3, we were there a bit over the lunch period – which meant that we get a good table but also that some of the dishes that we wanted to order wasn’t available…anyway- when we walked into the shop- these ‘diplays’ caught my attention…cobra, a chicken/bird complete with feathers, frogs,lizards  and that a puppy ?


 Upon closer inspection…


Asked the waiter and was told that it was  a baby deer , not a puppy..i wonder who will be having this for lunch ?

Stir fried beef with onions, it was more onions that beef but no complaints the onion was crunchy and sweet – in an onion sort of way , the beef was tender and succulent.

Stewed pork with eggs…ahh..this was soooo yummy..the pork was tender and  very tasty , the eggs were harder than the usual hard boiled egg- as expected since these would have probably been stewed for in the wonderfully tasty gravy

Spinach soup with crab – I was trying to see where the crab was as I only saw some clumps of things that looked like liver…turn out that the crabs had been processed lah-  the tiny crabs with only the top shell removed, are grinded ( legs , shells and all) then go through a filter then put into the soup. This crab thingy doesn’t taste like crab meat but had a flavor that resemble the gooey innards bits inside crabs.

Overall- an interesting meal, although I can’t get Bambi outta my mind


Lunch –today , somewhere by the roadside in Binh Duong – shop glamourously called Paris

We got to wash our hands before taking our seats / before meals – I thought about wading in this as the weather was just too hot..

Pickled  stuff : chili and garlic, white small brinjal and pickled vege . the small brinjal was rather tasty- good to bring up the appetite. Didn’t care too much for the pickled vege as the taugeh was too green for my liking


Fried bittergourd with eggs – the bittergourd was hard and tasteduncooked to me –maybe this is the Vietnamese style , if back home, it would usually be softer lah

Claypot fish – this dish was rather pungent ( heavily seasoned)  and had  fishy smell, the fish is something like catfish and the plus point is that the fish was very fresh and the flesh was smooth and sweet- not bad lah

Vegetable soup with minced pork – unidentified vegetable, a bit like the baby kalian texture but couldn’t make up what it was


I wonder what we will be having for lunch tomorrow …


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