Wat XiengHuen, ByeBye Laos and some tips on traveling in Laos

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Sights
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One last touristy stop before saying goodbye to Vientiane..we stopped by Wat XiengHuen which is very near to our guesthouse. The thing is that the more famous temples charged a fee whereas it’s free entrance for the not so famous temples but really, these lesser known temples ( to the tourist anyway) might be as  interesting too and has a certain charm.

The drum tower


Statues of the Buddha protected by the Naga


Statue of the walking Buddha


Interesting Dok So Far on the roof ( indicating royal patronage)


After Wat XiengHuen, we walked down to the guesthouse, had a shower, checked out ,  left our luggage  at the guesthouse and walked to the bank of the Mekong in search for lunch, walked into the Riverside – sorry, they don’t search lunch, Orchid Guesthouse – no, cook has gone home, no lunch too. We finally settled for  noodles at Nok Noy- a kopitiam/restaurant complete with wall painting and checkered table cloth..

We had Pepsi 4,000kip/bottle,


I ordered vermicelli with chicken – it was ‘tung fun’ with lots of vegetable, cabbage, spring onion, carrot, eggs, choysum. This was tasty but slightly salty

HC had crispy noodles which looked very good ( don’t cha think ?) as tasted good too. The noodles costs 15,000kip / plate

After the good lunch, we walked back to the guesthouse, retrieved our luggage- and hailed a tuk2 to get the airport – the ride costs us 30,000 kip (~RM12) …with the breeze in our hair we said our goodbye to Vientiane …

OK, before I end this series of postings on my Laos trip, I thought it might be useful to put up some information to future visitors to this beautiful country .

The cost of things  ( at that time, 1,000kip was approx RM4)

  1. 1.5 L Mineral water cost 4,500 ( at 7-11 type stalls)  – 5,000 kip ( guesthouse and convenience shops) . 0.5L ~ 3,000 kip , or for the local bottled water  6X1L = ~ 7,000kip .
  2.  Big bottle of Lao beer 8,000-10,000kip
  3. Coke/soft drink ( 280ml)  ~ 3,000- 4.000kip
  4. Rental of bicycle in Vientiane is ~10,000kip/day and at Luang Prabang ~20,000kip ( some are negotiable, we got ours at 15,000 and 18,000 )
  5. Plate/bowl of noodles cost from 10,000 -18,000 kip- depending on where you eat
  6. Please try the yummy fruit shakes 5,000- 8,000kip
  7. Set breakfast of baguette cost from 20,000- 25,000 kip
  8. Entrance fee for temples at Vientiane is ~5,000kip and at Luang Prabang is ~20,000kip
  9. The guesthouses that we stayed in were rather good-clean, safe and comfortable, you can get rooms from USD8-15 .


  1. There are no free maps provided at the hotel /info counters- make sure u have a map ready before your trip- this will help- as most of the attractions in Vientiane and Luang Prabang are within walking /cycling distance
  2. Long distance buses – it will be cheaper to get the tickets directly from the bus station than the guest house/tour operators , but  the maybe 1,000kip( RM4) or so difference might be justified by the fact that it includes pickup from the guesthouse.
  3. Tour companies – most of the prices quoted are just for transportation and doesn’t include any guides – so either do your homework before the trip or pay more for tour companies that provide guides. And do check out a few companies before you make the bookings/purchase of tickets/tours
  4. If there is not a big group of you to share out the cost, don’t expect that going (on your own) by tuk2 will be cheaper than joining a tour company. Check out the price before committing !
  5. Some of the temple have closing time –best to check out the time before your trip
  6. Best exchange rates are from the banks.
  7. The bus journey from Vientiane to Luang Prabang is really long ~ 9 – 10 hours, although the roads are good- they are very windy – but the scenery is worth it , suggest to look at going by bus from Vientiane > LP and take a flight back LP> Vientiane  

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