Of Baguattes and Wat Mixayaram @ Vientiane

Posted: July 30, 2010 in @ Old Klang Road
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We have had quite a number of pho ( noodles)  for breakfast while we were in Luang Prabang,  now that we are back in Vientiane we decide to give pho a rest and have baguettes instead .

We studied the menu on display outside Samsenthai Hotel ( which was a few steps away from our guesthouse) and was agreeable to the 20,000 kip ( RM8) for baguette plus tea/coffee seemed reasonable.


The baguette was about 1 foot long, toasted – warm and crispy  ! Mine came with a slice of cheese, bacon, an omelet ( with bits of tomatoes and onions)


This was by far the most filling breakfast among all that I have in Laos! After the meal, discovered that I left crumbs all over the table and all over myself , talk about being a messy eater !

We walked up the street to Wat Mixayaram ( Wat Mixay in short) which faces the main road. 2 green faced giant guard the temple entrance


Close up of the the elaborate details at the gate


Extracted from http://www.culturalprofiles.net/laos/Units/735.html

Wat Mixay, the ‘Temple of Victory’ was originally constructed during the reign of King Sai Setthathirat I (1550-1571) to celebrate victory in battle against the Burmese in 1569. The current buildings are in Bangkok style and date from the early 20th century. A public primary school is located in the compound of the temple.


Within the compound, there are a number of stupa bearing the remains of folks that had transcended to the other plain, there were  a number of stupa with Chinese characters  on them too


A door in striking gold and green – depicting characters from the Ramayana


We saw this flowering tree at the compound of the temple


We left Wat Mixay and headed off to the National Museum, Opposite the museum was the very prominent building – the  Lao National Cultural Hall – opened in march 2000, this was  constructed with the aid from China. The Hall has a 1,500 seat auditorium which occasionally hosts cultural events.


 The Nasional Museum appeared to be a bit dilapidated – cracking paint and all, we paid 10,000 kip ,  left our stuff at the counter and started our tour.

The ground floor theme was on early history, findings from excavations were displayed –stone and bronze aged artifacts, statues of the Buddha, jars  beads etc. The first floor provided details of the struggle of the people of Laos against the Thais, French and Americans. There were many interesting (old) pictures on display.

After touring inside the museum we headed to the rear of the museum where we saw 2 big stone jars– well since we didn’t get to visit Phonsavanh –plain of jars, this was the closest one could get lah. As they say, no prawn, fish also can !

We stopped by a kopitiam for a drink – by the look of the interior of this shop  – with the altars for the gods, the Chinese New Yeay auspicious wall stickers etc – this could be what we find in a kopitiam back home too horr ?

Offerings outside one the houses , marigolds on banana leaves , incense, candles and water


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