Wat Aham, Wat Ho Xiang, Wat Wisunalat, Wat That @ Luang Prabang

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Sights
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We saw some bikes for rent at the guesthouse opposite ours and when asked,  the owner said 20,000kip ( ~RM8), but after some negotiation, we settled for 18,000kip, these bikes were newer than the ones we rented the other day and were much more comfortable. So, off we went on our shiny new blue bikes…

We cycled  to Wat Aham ( which would have been a rather long walk) parked our bikes under the shade and walk about the grounds of Wat Aham. The temple was built 1818 onwards. Read more about Wat Aham here : http://www.orientalarchitecture.com/laos/luangprabang/wat-aham.php

The main sim.


The intimidating temple guardian- close up


From Wat Aham we walked across to the adjacent Wat Visounnarath (Wisunalat)

The main sim looked a bit different from the temples that we have seen around Luang Prabang which are normally brown and with low sloping roof. The temple was originally built ~ 1512 but was destroyed in a fire in 1887 and rebuilt in 1896. Read more about Wat  Wisunalat here :   http://www.orientalarchitecture.com/laos/luangprabang/wat-wisunalat.php


One other attraction at Wat Wisunalat is That  Pathoum, (Stupa of the Great Lotus), more popularly known as That Makmo ( Makmo = watermelon in Lao) because of its rounded dome, extract from same website above : The dome stylistically reflects a Sinhalese influence and is the only stupa of such a shape in Laos, and perhaps even in Cambodia or Vietnam. Originally erected between 1514 and 1515, it was destroyed during the Haw Black Flag incursion in 1887. The stupa sets on a number of different square tiers and has a Lao-Buddhist style Usnisa crown at its top.


We went on our bikes again , wind in our faces, and navigated ( HC navigated, i merely follow lah)  to Wat Ho Xiang ( Hosin), parked and locked our bikes at the curb and walked up the stairs between the impressive silver nagas


Closer look at the nagas


This somehow reminded me of the aliens from The Aliens movie


Wat Ho Xiang was built in 1705, this is the main sim. Read more about it here : http://www.orientalarchitecture.com/laos/luangprabang/wat-ho-xiang.php


From Wat Ho Xiang, we walked to the adjacent Wat That (Wat Mahatat)


Elaborate and colourful murals on the wall of the sim


 In the background is the Lan Na style stupa erected by King Say Setthathirath


Read more about Wat That here : http://www.orientalarchitecture.com/laos/luangprabang/wat-mahathat.php

 The heat was getting to us, we decide to head back to the guesthouse and have a rest. After a bit of a rest ( and a much needed bath), we cycled along the banks of the Mekong in search for lunch. The baguettes caught our eyes as we cycled passed the stall located at a corner, we gostan-ed and took a seat. It was a combination of 2 ( maybe 3) stalls, one selling baguettes, the other- grilled stuff and the third –noodles. The baguettes seemed to be just served with condense milk ( we might be wrong) , so we decide to go for a bowl of pho ( noodles) and have a side dish of grilled chicken

The variety of sauces and condiments at the table , including : fish paste, chili sauce, pepper, shrimp paste ( belacan), sugar, chili powder, etc


 Pho served with basketful of greens , the pho was tastier than the one we had for breakfast


Grilled chicken – hmm…this was good, tender and tasty..the Lao know their grills man !


Two bowls of pho + grilled chicken cost us : 35,000kip ( ~RM14). Nice…


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