Day 4 – Luang Prabang morning market, porridge and crepes

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Sights
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We visited the Luang Prabang morning market


 There were a lot of stalls selling bamboo shoots and mushrooms


More mushrooms and bunches of onions..


Bunches of frogs..err… read that correctly, not that we do not have frogs in Malaysian markets , we have the ‘farm chicken’ – tien-kai too but not in bunches though..


More frogs ( they looked like they have been dried or grilled) and squeezed real hard between the bamboo sticks


Offerings for sale ( banana leaves and marigolds)


Parts of the moo moo, hooves, tails, ears , skin, tongues..


Fried glutinous rice cakes ( rather delicious by the way)




Some of the brands looked familiar huh ?


Delicious looking sausages



Fruits ( spot the durians)


After the colourful walk at the market we have to decide what to have for breakfast. We passed by a stall beside Wat Mai


Went for a closer look, oh..porridge ! Looks good…


So, we sat on the wooden stools and join the gang. We ordered 1 bowl to share. The porridge had : a few pieces of fatty pork, dried shrimps, stewed hard boil egg and seasoned with plenty of pepper garnished with parsley and fried onions, this was very good porridge. Business was very good too.  Plenty of people stopping by to eat or takeaway, 3 dogs were loitering around the stall including  under the table ( yes, you can feel them when they do their rounds under your feet)


The porridge cost us  8,000kip ( ~RM3.20) – which seemed to be the foreigner price as we saw the locals paying 7,000 kip. Well, anyway….

It started to drizzle a bit and we took out our umbrella and continue our walk,  a few Tuk2 stopped by to offer us tours to the waterfall , city tour , caves, etc…

We decide that we need more breakfast and stopped by a grocery shop  with a crepe stall at the front. There were a variety of fillings to chose from, I opted for : fruits + honey – 7,000 kip ( ~ RM2.80)  . Plus a mango fruit shake ( 5,000 kip )


The fruits include : banana, apple, mango- (well, that was all I could make out ), They were too generous with the honey, it was overly sweet and I could feel my molars starting to ache from the sweetness.

Now that our stomachs are filled, we could get down to the serious business of exploring  the town !

Next up – temples ,temples and more temples…

  1. alpha1 says:

    Hey Peg.. how’s life in Laos? Judging by the tails, legs and cicadas, it must be exciting eh!! Is this a leisure or working trip? Have fun on either one! Hear from you. Tk cr!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Sabaidee Alpha, yup, had an exciting time in Laos, leisure trip lah ( if working trip wouldn’t have to hunt for bicycle to rent and find cheap accommodation 😛 )

  3. alpha1 says:

    How lucky! u hv lotsa fun and rmbr to tk gd cr orite! Dnt eat too much insect! 😉

  4. pegasuskl says:

    Haha..Insect good lah, lotsa protein and probably low in cholestrol and lotsa insect goodness !

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