Wesak 28 MAY 2010

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Things To Do
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Taking a break from Vientiane stories for this posting !

 Wesak is a sacred day for Buddhists, an occasion to commemorate the birth, enlightenment, and passing away of the Buddha more than twenty-five centuries ago. For 2010 Wesak will be celebrated on 28 May ( Friday). 


 I was at the Buddhist Maha Vihara temple @ Brickfields last night and a festive feeling filled the air. There were a lot going ons at the temple, volunteers were seen arranging tables/counters, groups of people and monks holding small discussions,  not to mention the usual crowd of visitors.

Along Jalan Berhala ( road to the temple) , stalls were been set up, the one and only stall already with the wares ready was….tan tan taraaa….the muruku stall ! no joke, I saw big bags of various types of murukus – the curly whirly ones, the straight ones, the thin ones, fat ones etc etc ( they have proper names for these different variety, so pardon my ignorance lah, I only know them by their shapes !)


I saw monks on cranes, putting up the buntings along the road leading to the Vihara


This year, I think the celebration will be even grander  because Mr and Mrs PM will be visiting the temple on Wesak day ! And  Gordan Ramsay ( he of Hell Kitchen’s fame – may he be free from samsara..hehe) will be cooking at the Vihara !

 Devotees can donate RM20 to lit an oil lamp. I helped out for a while at the corner where the volunteers were preparing the oil lamps . The preparation involve : 


1. get the glasses ready and arrange them

2. fill half of the glass with water

3. fill the remaining with oil

4. place  the floating thingy into the filled glass

5. place a wick on  the floating thingy

 The  activity schedule for the Buddhist Maha Vihara for Wesak day :


Please click here to the official website of Buddhist Maha Vihara.

Nalanda Buddhist Society ( Serdang) also has a series of activities for Wesak, click here for the program.

Happy Wesak. May you be well and happy ! 😀


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