Xenri D’Riverview @ Old Klang Road

Posted: May 15, 2010 in @ Old Klang Road
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When I visit Japanese restaurants ( which is not very often), I keep my fingers crossed that they have pretty menus with lots of coloured photos, and the best is if the meal come in organized sets so that I can just smile at the waitress /waiter and point at Combo XXX.

Xenri has a nice environment for a cozy meal, quiet and peaceful ambience,   Seating arrangements :  compartment on the left – 2 tables for 4 pax and another  longer table for 8 pax.Private rooms are available, there are also  open seating place and one could also chose to  sit at the counter facing the chef. Kenny G was heard blasting on the PA while attentive staff hovering close by to explain the menu.

 Our guest at the office seemed to be rather familiar with Japanese food (well,  as I am probably at the lowest scale on the  Japanese menu food scale, a sushi eating chimp could easily beat me)  

 For starters we had  – Chuka lidako (RM8) Baby octopus on  a champagne glass – tasty and gooey sweet, bit into that big inflated head…there were only 3 pieces in each serving


The guest also ordered chawan mushi (RM12) for herself  and  we declined her invitation to dig into her share of this egg pudding thingy.She said this was good.

 Soft shelled crabs tempura (RM28) —delightfully light, and the crispy soft shell crabs – rather fresh. Nice


The staff recommended the yellow tail something fish- said to have just flown in from somewhere – Otsukuri Mori (RM48), this tasted fresh and oily ( full of omega 3 ? —good good)I liked the sweetish sauce, which enhanced the taste of the fish.



Sushi (RM38)– 3 pieces each of thickly sliced tuna, salmon and butterfish, as I am not into raw stuff , I just stared into space while the rest of the cannibals swoop their chopsticks over the icing serving bowl and had a few mouthfuls of the fish slices –  they were full of praises for this, said to be :  fresh , sweet and succulent .


We also ordered Kaisen Chahan : Seafood Fried rice (RM12), which the kitchen had kindly served into tiny bowls for us.


Overall, ( frankly, I am not a Japanese food eater/fan , so, I would not be a good judge of any Japanese meal) based on  the comments from my fellow diners – this is  good quality Japanese food. the bill ( plus bottomless green tea and the various taxes ) came to ~RM170

 There is currently a promotion for Amex users : 15% off the menu- terms and conditions apply.

Location :

No.9 Wisma Elken, Jalan 4/137C Batu 5

Jalan Klang Lama

58000 KL

Tel : 77838118

Look out for Klang Lama’s  TNB- (which could be famous for that  incident where a guard’s gun had gone astray and  shot a child’s toe) or the easiest to spot would be the Elken buiding.

  1. alpha1 says:

    Hey Peg,

    Good choice but rather steep for certain individual. Since you are so humble claiming that you are not a jap food fan, my advise is don’t order anything thing to do with chicken in all jap restaurants coz they are not very good in preparing them and also chahan for that matter. salmons, tunas and beef slices (kobe/waghyu) is a must, at least for me! For more affordable and good selection of jap food, check out sushi zanmai at Gardens, 1U, Low Yat & Pyramid. Sushi-Zen (Gardens) & Pasta Zanmai belongs to the same chain too. Till then..どうぞめしあがれ (douzo meshiagare)!!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Alpha..ya lah, Japanese meals mostly expensive ler, but if AhKong’s account( on company), then no complain lorrr. Thanks for the tips on what not to order, haha..Haiya..u so action speak Japanese one meh..i only know Ultraman and Doreamon ! 😀

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