Sang Kee Restaurant 生记酒家@ Petaling Street

Posted: May 10, 2010 in @Petaling Street
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We walked though some lorong along Petaling Street, passed some backyards and I was thinking, are they sure where they are going, this doesn’t seemed to be leading to a restaurant leerrrr ? Then we came to a dead end and Sang Kee materialised….

Did some searching on the net and learned that Sang Kee , serves cantonese cuisine , started way back in 1955, wow ! that makes it older than our country. If this signboard could speak, I think it would scare the hell out of everyone, no, I digress, if this signboard could speak, what stories it could  tell….


Axian did a feature on Sang Kee too , you can have a look here

I was told that Sang Kee’s specials include:  Ku lou yuk 咕嚕肉, pork intestine with chives生腸炒韭菜花, yam kau yok碍南乳芋頭扣肉. Steamed 3 yolks 三黃蒸蛋 and fresh prawn noodles.The regulars took charge of the ordering, while the rest of us first timers to Sang Kee waited in anticipation while soaking in the environment


The first dish to appear on our table was Bittergourd chicken –the chicken pieces seemed to have also soaked up the distinct bittergourd flavour, the bittergourd pieces where soft but not overcooked and the chicken was tender but yet had some bite, this was tasty.

Ku Lou yuk – the batter covering the deep fried meat was thin and did not interfere with the enjoyment of biting into the well marinated meat. I had experienced eating ku lou yuk that felt like  biting into thick sticky mushy flour and felt shortchanged- where is the meat ? But I am glad to say that the ku lou  yuk at Sang Kee was ahhhh..very satisfying..the sweet-sour sauce was at the correct intensity and did not overpower the palate.



I am not sure what this next dish is called, but it had intestine, fried tofu with vegetables like cauliflower, mushrooms, asparagus and  wong ngar pak ..  the tofu pieces were plain , the gravy was not exciting…. This was average on the verge of being bland .


The 2 vegetable dish that followed :- stif fried spinach and potato leaf番薯苗 was average, nothing to shout about .


 Fried fish head , the fish meat was kinda dry , the gravy was thin . I won’t say this was memorable but the others might differ…. this was just an  ok for me,


One other speciality from Sang Kee is the ‘both old and young safe and sound’老少平安, which was actually fish paste in steamed egg豆腐魚肉蒸蛋 ( I wonder which imaginative soul came up with the name). This dish is just like fish paste in steamed egg, I don’t find this combination particularly exciting or felt that there were any synergy between the egg and the fish..  I prefer ( many times over)  mum’s minced pork in steamed egg.


If I were to make a judgement based on the dishes that we ordered, I think this was just average for me, but I guess this might be somewhat unfair as we hadn’t ordered their specialties  I wouldn’t mind to return to try out their  yam kou yuk or steamed 3 yolks or the noodles..(and for Sang Kee to be around for >50 years, i don’t think an ‘average’ rating could take them so far, so..i must be wrong !! )

Location :

 1-G, Lorong Bukit, Jalan Hang Jebat, Kuala Lumpur

Wilayah Persekutuan 50150


Tel: 03-2078 5092

HP: 017-215 9856

HP: 012-390 5549

Business Hours: 11.00am- 3.00pm  : 5.00pm- 11.00pm

  1. alpha1 says:

    Hey Peg,

    Howdy?? You aren’t wrong! Seriously, there’s nothing that special about the food in SK. Food is slightly overpriced and service is tat slow! Most of the regular customers have been patronising this place for ages. Guess they have gotten so used to their food and they find it great! Nothing bad, maybe it’s just us!! Happy eating!!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    heyyyy Alpha,

    how have you been lahh ? i am not the odd person out? i was rather worried people will be throwing eggs ( omega-3 fortified ones -not) following this not so great review about SK.but i would still like to try out the kau yok though..there is something irresitable about fatty pork and yam.. hmmmmmm…

  3. alpha1 says:

    Hey Peg,

    I’m been great! Eating around a lot! Took many pics but rather lousy in blogging. Still not good at it yet!! FRUS betul!!!!
    Didn’t know you like that porky pork slice belly with yam. Check out this few places famous for good TYPICAL Hakka food at pudu ulu.

    1) Chuan Kee in (new version/ Chan Kee (old version)
    Address: 14, Jln Pudu Ulu, 3rd mile
    Tel-03-9284 4530
    Famous for – Homemade YTF, Claypot lamb stew (lamb brisket), Pork belly slice with yam, Soy sauce fish head & Char PIG Yok.
    1130-1500 (lunch)/1800-2130 (dinner)/ Closed – Every 3rd Fri&Sat of the mth

    2) Restoran Yap Chong
    No 1618, Old Pudu Ulu
    3 1/2 miles, Jalan Cheras
    Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03-9284 9649
    GPS Coordinates: N 3 7.22201 E 101 43.80797
    Famous for – Claypot lamb belly & Pork Belly Slice with yam, Steam Tilapia (other fishes available too)
    1130-1500 (lunch)/1700-2100 (dinner)/ Closed – Mondays

    Go early to avoid the pack crowd, especially during lunch! Parking is scarce and tickets are issued at times! (depending on how hardworking our DBKL dudes are)! Reservation advised.

    Yummy yum for now..!

  4. alpha1 says:

    Typo..I’ve been

  5. pegasuskl says:

    hey hey Alpha, ehh..u blog too ahh ?( well, u should, since u seemed to know all the makan places one mahh).Thanks for the suggestions – sounds good !! YTF too , wowww..that’s perfect, i lub lub YTF !!

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