Spring Valley Chinese Restaurant @ Midvalley Megamall ( Part II)

Posted: May 5, 2010 in @ Midvalley
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We have a RM50 voucher for dining at  Spring Valley. After reading ( and re-reading)  the fine print to make sure that there were no prerequisite of minimum spending of an X sum or any other terms and conditions that we might be adverse to —we have the ‘All clear’ sign and took off to Spring Valley.

Before the visit, I assumed that RM50  will probably only be enough for a plate of fried rice and maybe a plate of greens. I was wrong—fried rice was rather expensive !!  but then there were also quite a number of  the dishes that were priced at RM20. We spent many precious minutes working out the various combination in order not to exceed the budget. ( and had waved a few  waiters/waitresses away while we worked the figures, this was tougher that filing my income tax form !).

 Our order : yam basket + deep fried nam yue ribs + 2 drinks + 2 bowls of rice.

 For drinks – we had  sugar cane+ water chestnut , this was nice, can almost feel that this had spent long hours on a slow fire  . No pixs, sorry, I was too thirsty, here’s a pix of the soy  sauce + pickled chili instead.


The yam basket was a delight ! The ‘basket’ had a  light and fluffy texture, biting into the deep fried layer and then through the inner layer oozing with yam was a joy. The stir fried vegetables in the basket were crunchy and fresh . The vege included : magnolia petals, celery , lotus root, snow peas, black fungus, water chestnut , carrots and vegetarian ham, each with it’s distinctive taste and texture yet complimented each other and the yam basket. The chinese saying ‘ heavenly wardrobe without seams ‘天衣无缝came into mind…. perfect  

Deep fried Nam Yue ribs, yeah, you might have noticed that the 2 pieces were rather unequal in size, guess who had the bigger piece ? the deep fried ribs were very meaty, and surprisingly tender, the nam yue flavour wasn’t too heavy. I liked it but my makan companion found it a bit dry ( maybe she is complaining because she had the smaller piece). The Chinese saying猪朋狗友 literally translated to -dog and pig friend– which means- friends of bad character came into mind…err..the relevance ? well, that is the only chinese saying with pork ( pig) in it, that i can think of at the moment ..not that i am saying the company that i have is of bad character…oh..err..well..maybe that is another story


You might have noticed this post says Part II, Part I was on Chinese new year dinner, you can read about it here .  

Overall, an enjoyable meal, as for our budget, we exceeded by RM13 !!

Spring Valley Chinese Restaurant

Lot G (E) 018, 19 & 20
Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall
Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : +603-2938 8668

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