Golden Leaf Restaurant @ Kota Bharu

Posted: April 25, 2010 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Jalan Kebun Sultan in Kota Bharu is a good place to be, if you are looking for food, there are a large number of eateries there- ranging from mobile –style hawkers, hawker centres to restaurants. Parking can be difficult but with a bit of patience ( and luck), you wouldn’t have to starve for too long lah.

Golden Leaf is one of the restaurant located at Jalan Kebun Sultan. This was recommended by Auntie Miew who insisted that this was one of the better Thai restaurants in KB.


Mango salad – mango shreds, onions, carrots and  tomato topped with  dried sotong, dried prawns, and roasted peanut- and seasoned with a potent brew of  lime juice, chili padi, sugar and maybe macam macam lagi made this a difficult to fail dish ! this was great ! Started the gastric juice working and ready to devour the next dish  


Kangkong Belacan – kangkong stir fried with belacan- ….the kangkong wasn’t over fried and retained some crunchiness, the enhancement of taste when biting into bits of dried prawns. Ahh…nice nice..


Deep fried sotong – this dish came with bits of fried garlic too, which added another dimension to the fresh ( and sweet ) sotong-ish taste. The sotong was fresh but a bit on the chewy side . I find this a bit dry  lah

Mongolian ribs – the meat was tender and succulent and the best part was that  the sauce worked so well with the ribs, the sauce was rich –some sour plum sauce maybe, some santan maybe and a tinge of curry leaves. Jackpot !!


Ban Suan fish – this was like a combo dish –mango & lemongrass salad draped over deep fried fish and generously bathed in sweet-sour-ish gravy. The fish was meaty and fresh and the accompanying salad was so tasty. Two rights definitely made this very very right .

 Overall- an enjoyable meal. We were pleasantly surprised that the figure on the bill  was rather reasonable too.

 Location :


No 255-256, Jalan Kebun Sultan,

13500 Kota Bharu.

Tel 016-9326468 / 019 9446029

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