Cafe Libre @ Taman Desa

Posted: April 11, 2010 in @ Old Klang Road
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S had some issues at her office, and need to unload her grouses, so we decide to meet up for a  teatime-dinner meal ( is this called  Teaner ? ). Cafe Libre seemed a good place for chit chats, cozy,  not so crowded, with a choice of non air-conned or air-conned dining area. ( plus wi-fi). This seemed like a good place to talk about insurance policy, mutual funds and grouse about colleagues 😛

 Cafe Libre offers varieties of teas, fruit smoothies and coffee. For meals the selection include , salads, pasta and lighter finger food like sandwiches, fries, curry puffs are available.

S wanted something light and decided to go for Caesar  salad with roast chicken ( the other option is with anchovies) and I wanted some carbo and went with beef lasagna .


The Beef Lasagna (RM18.90) was laden with minced beef heavily seasoned with tomato-ish flavour. I find the tomato flavor a bit heavy and  slightly sour-ish . Some parts of the lasagna were a bit tough. This was average.


Caesar salad with roast chicken (RM12.50)  – rather large serving, from the size of this, this is a meal on it’s own.  Big leafy lettuce lined the dish, tomatoes, well marinated cubed chicken , bits of hard boiled eggs, cucumber were  seasoned with cheese, mayo and pepper. Oh ya, and the bits of crouton . This was rather nice, although I found the chicken cubes a bit dry.

 Overall, I found the food average. Service was good  plus a  cozy environment


18GF, Jalan 5/109F,

Plaza Danau 2,

Taman Danau Desa.

58100 K.Lumpur

Tel : 7983 8550

This seemed to be Cafe Libre website , click here   location map is available as well as a glimpse of the menu


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