Fong Lye, Taiwanese Restaurant @ Midvalley Megamall. 蓬莱茶房台湾料理

Posted: March 31, 2010 in @ Midvalley
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‘Back’ , < despite holding a canggih iPhone that wouldn’t cause tendinitis if she were to type a few more alphabets, that would be the regular short and precise  text message that appears on my phone whenever MY is back in town. After which, there  will be a flurry of text messages or e- mails between myself and  Chunny, to set a date and time for  dinner.

I thought we would be having dinner at a ‘big fried’ ( tai chow) stall and hence  found myself rather inappropriately dressed when was told that we are heading to Megamall for dinner. This is the other problem with these meet ups, we can’t seemed to make a decision on where to have the meal and would have to wait until when we meet physically , to decide where we want to go.

After some debate and a false alarm ( i.e. having sat at a table and studied the menu at another establishment ) we decide to try out Fong Lye


When we arrived at FL, we ‘reported’ to the counter, and was given a number ( kinda like at the post office) and was told to wait until our number is called.

 We were served (tiny) glasses of milk tea while we wait, we settled at the comfy seating area and studied the menu. And we sat..and studied and sat….and sat.. and it was a  rather frustrating wait as we saw couples or groups that came after us get to  a table before us,  as there were more tables for 2 pax–( or multiples of 2 pax), so , our group of 3 just have to have a longer wait.    …..the wait was more than 30 mins and we had actually walked to the counter to return our number /gave up waiting. Miraculously, 3 pax finished their dinner and we get a table. And it was already 9 pm.

 MY, being a regular visitor to Taiwan was consulted on what we should try out, and I guess I wouldn’t have ordered what I did if I came on my own.


For drinks we had a pot of Hot Taiwanese “Gui Hua’ oolong tea ( RM12.50) / pot 


We also tried the Papaya milk drink (RM7.80)  – I found there were some holdback to the taste as possibly the papaya wasn’t ripe enough to give this the aromatic and richness of the papaya flavour. Another comment was that this could do with more milk .

Chunny had the Fresh Tomato fried egg with fish (RM20.80) – this was like a feast, there were so many bits and pieces that came with the set lah.  Dumpling lah, sour salad lah, crunchy green stuff lah,  seaweed soup lah … The rice came with minced pork on the side and this was very tasty .The egg in tomato was rather delicious albeit slightly sweetish, I find that the slices of fish a bit dry.

 MY ordered Cool noodles (RM10.80)- her comments was :  texture was pretty ok, but could do with being more springy, the sesame seed was slightly burnt – wow, I am sorry, I can’t even taste the sesame, and MY was commenting that they are burnt. This was interesting and rather nice.

I had the Herbal Soup with Taiwan Burger ( RM17.80). I was served a steamed bun thingy full of fillings and pork intestine soup . At first , the taste was a glaring extreme , i.e, the mild and pleasant soup versus the sweet , spicy burger, but after a while, hey, this was rather nice ! the burger had a big slice of  fatty pork ,  took a glance and without a second thought, I bit into the burger – and forgot about the LDH, HDL, trigliserides eh, It didn’t felt like I bit into  fat juicy lard. The soup was heavenly,   the strong distinct taste of Chinese barley with  lotus seed and  tons of  pork intestine- I hadn’t had so much pork intestine in one seating before, and after this, I think I will look at pork intestine a bit differently, they are rather pleasant and smooth ( no weird thingy in the orifice and no strong smell)


Spring Roll ( RM9.30)  – the skin was like what we get in regular popiah and it was a bit thick, MY said that the skin for Taiwanese spring rolls should be egg based. The fillings – rather interesting taste- kinda saucy, sweet and a tinge of spiciness with a bit of a crunch.

 Total bill , plus service charge and Govt tax, came to ~ RM91. Not that cheap but quallity of food was pretty good.

 Meanwhile,  we wait with bated breath  for the word   ‘Back’ to appear on our phones…

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant
Lot T-208, 3rd Floor
The Gardens Mid Valley
Tel : 03-22828699


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