Tai Thong Chicken Rice @ Hat Yai

Posted: March 29, 2010 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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We had dimsum for breakfast : 2 plates of siu mai and 8 steamed buns ( char siu, pandan & red bean) for 4 pax.  Taste was ok . The coffee shop owner (?), an elderly auntie, switch effortlessly between Thai and Mandarin when taking our orders . And we later learnt more about her language proficiency  when she spoke in Malay to the Indian chaps at the next table.

Although it was way passed Chinese new year, this auspicious wall sticker thingy ( as below) was still on the walls of the coffee shop.


I took the pix because one of the ‘auspicious saying’ is rather foreign to me. The first one read ‘ Xin Nien Fat Chai ( prosperity for the new year), and the second one read   ‘Xin Chen (?)  Ru Yi’. I thought there were some printing errors, but then I saw the same greetings used in the CNY banners still hanging around Hat Yai. Maybe someone can help me ?

 Back to food.

The Tai Thong chicken rice shop has been around for 55 years, and judging from the number of people eating at the shop ( running at full house at time of visit) – this is a popular eatery.

For drinks I ordered lemongrass and the others had chrysentimum , I thought these would be homemade..but then these pre-packed drinks arrived at our table .Luckily  they didn’t taste too artificial or plasticky  but  were rather tasty


The chicken– I found the meat rather dry and a bit rough, from the leanness of the chicken, I concluded ( whether rightly or wrongly) this was possibly due to it being ‘kampung chicken’  and on top of that – the plate that was served to us was from the chicken breast. We had better luck with our a second plate, which was from the thigh and it was much better- not as dry and the meat were smoother.

Roast pork – there were too many pieces with oily layer  on our plate lah, I found the taste to be average only.


Soup – fish balls plus chicken blood. I enjoyed the fishballs, tasty and springy;  gave  the blood a miss though. There were also some taugeh inside the soup, the chicken soup was rather tasty.


 The meal ( including drinks), rice, 2 servings of chicken, roast pork and soup costs us 400Baht . ( rather pricey ?)

 My initial schedule was to fly back to Bangkok and then take a flight from Bangkok back to KL, but the brewing situation of the Red Shirts in Bangkok made me a somewhat  uneasy and I decided to travel by road from Hat Yai to Penang instead .Travel time by van is ~3 hours and cost me 350Baht. Some tour companies do hotel pick up as well, which was rather convenient. There are also vans from Hat Yai to KL which is said to take ~ 7-8 hours ( not sure about the cost though).

 Thus end part 4 / 4  of my travel to south Thailand. Sawadee Kha..

NB: one thing i forgot to mention in the earlier posts. from my trip – i can conclude that : Toilets in Thailand are way way way cleaner than those in Malaysia. Thoughout the trip, i think we must have made maybe an average of 3 toilet stops per day at either petrol stations or  eateries ,  and ALL of them were clean, no unpleasant smell, no objects in the toilet bowls or on the toilet floors. Why aren’t Malaysians entitled to clean toilets ?

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