Eating & Drinking in (South) Thailand

Posted: March 14, 2010 in Glorious Food Elsewhere, Sights
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I yam bacckkk…

Was away for 1 week in Thailand while tension was building up in Bangkok for the red shirt gathering this weekend. I was a bit uneasy prior to the trip, but had been reassured by my Thai hosts that it’s  safe and it’s business as usual. Taxi man from Suvarnabhumi airport also said ‘mai thorng glua’, that there is no need for worry, just stay away from the hot spots ( where the red shirts will be gathering). Well, as I was just spending the evening in Bangkok as a transit point before going down Southern Thailand the next day,  the level of anxiety lessen tremendously.

After checking into my hotel at Rachadapidasek Rd, I headed towards Robinsons, which was about 15 mins walk away for my dinner at Yum Sap. I would really loved to have the Green curry chicken and the fish paste set again ( click here on earlier review of Yum Sap ) , but then decide to go for ‘ sticky rice with  papaya salad and chicken wings set’ with ( 65B). For drinks I ordered Tamarind frosties (32B).

The drink was as delicious as I remembered it to be, and I got the brain freeze sensation after taking my first big gulp of this cold yummy drink..felt the cold penetrating my veins, blood stream . red blood cells, platelets,  mitochondria etc etc

The chicken wings ( or maybe to be more accurate – chicken drummets) were deep fried and had a thin and crusty batter surrounding tender, well marinated , melt in the mouth chicken meat. The thingy ( lower right corner of pix ) in the plastic wrapper was the sticky rice, the rice was firm yet soft . As for the papaya salad ( som tam) which included : papaya shreds, long beans, dried prawns, carrot shreds,chili padi,  tomato, roasted peanuts- I think the large taste spectrum of this dish  overloaded  the sensors on my tongue. Whooowaaaa…this is too good. And then I started to feel the spiciness of the dish ,  the burning sensation grew and my eyes and nose started to water.this is Potent !! ( later, I was told that I could have asked  the waitress to reduce the degree of spiciness) .


The following morning , took an earlier flight on Nok Air.   This Auntie Annie snack   ( plus drink was included in the fare – read :free) , after the first bite, I couldn’t guess what was in the roll, it taste a bit salty and a bit fishy, only after I dissected the batter ,that found that it was filament sticks , weird combination : buns and filament sticks.


I predicted that the hotel cafe wouldn’t have started serving breakfast before 5:30 ( which was the time I had to leave the hotel for the airport)   , So, I had also pre-ordered a meal online : Roasted  pork with rice ( 90B) . the pork slices was average tasting , a bit tough, probably because it was lean meat .  The gravy was not overly sweet with a tinge of peppery tones which was good and my favourite from the set was actually the rice. It had a cooked just right : texture, firm yet not soft. What I appreciate about this inflight meal was that it tasted like it just got out of the kitchen.


At the airport — I have the impression that on this sign, the length of the lady’s skirt seemed rather long compared to the usual, is it ?


We rented a car for the journey  and had a short coffee break on the way. Coffee , ‘English’ tea and water were chargeable but the pot of Chinese tea was provided free. RM3 for :  2 teas, 1 coffee and 1 cup of water. Cheap horrr ?


For lunch, we stopped somewhere between Chumphon and Phupin. We weren’t familiar with that area and made the decision on where to eat based on the number of diners at the stalls that we drove passed.

I don’t normally see food covers which are so ‘tall’ in Malaysia. Wonder what else would this be good for ?


These veges were served with our meal


Soupy beef noodles –tender beef slices and springy beef balls in wonderful tasty beefy peppery soup . With each spoonful :  my brain was saying ‘ so little left’, ‘so little left’ . I think this ‘tragedy /sinking feeling ‘  must have shown on my face as after I finished the noodles  – my hosts asked ‘ do you want another bowl’ ?


The guys were already tucking into their next course ( fried rice) , so I decided to be greedy and nodded and said that I would like to try the dry version. This wasn’t as good as the soupy version- the gravy ( which seemed to be  soy sauce on it’s own) was one dimensional  and bland – just not good enough.  But luckily the beef slices , beef balls ( which were similar as the ones used in the soupy version) made up for the shortcomings of the tasteless gravy 

The menu – seemed like  most of the dishes are priced from 25 – 35 Baht

We stopped for the night at a small  hotel in Trang ( paid 790baht/night inclusive of breakfast) Aren’t these cool bedroom slippers ? These were comfy but i was kinda worried about who else had worn these slippers….


  1. alpha1 says:

    Sawaddi Krap! Kun Sabai De mai Krap? Can pass as a Thai ah?? So much fun you must be in Thailand! You lucky thing!!Did you get any RED Shirts as souvenir?? I’ve discovered some nice makan place. Will send them to you once i have them compiled. In the meantime, welcome home and it’s my turn tomorrow for a break! Will catch up when home. Till then…

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Sawadee kha khun Alpha. Charn sebai dee. Red shirts as souvenier ahhh…no lah, i would rather spend that on beef noodles ! what do you mean it’s your turn for a break, i was there for WORK lah, not a break ! You have a great break horr… and thanks in advance for the list ! khop khun marg marg. Chork dee !

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