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Wings is somewhat like those folksy music kinda place, acoustic rather than electronic, clean cut just-left-school youngish decently dressed  singers rather than leather clad long haired unwashed guys, Barry Manilow rather than KISS, Shandy versus Cognac …you get my drift ?

We stepped into Wings at about 8ish and there were still plenty of tables available and we choose a table that had a good view of the stage. We studied the menu and did some quick calculations on the cost advantage of having a set meal versus ala carte and the problem with a hungry growling stomach is- you tend to get greedy, soooo…we decide to ignore our waistlines and go for the set meals which included soup of the day, the main meal, drinks and ice cream for desserts. You can view the menu by clicking here    

I chose to have Set B –the  spaghetti set (RM21.90) , which include –  mushroom soup, White sauce bacon spaghetti, choice of red/green tea and a scoop of ice cream. Chunny went for Set D- the cheesy mushroom chicken set (RM24.90), except for the main, rest of the items are similar

For the tea, there were several choices of iced red or green teas ( not just boring plain green or red tea) , I had a peach red tea, while Chunny had the sour plum red tea. Mine was yummy ( and I will worry about the ‘not-being-able-to-sleep-if-i-have-tea-too-late-in-the-day’ for later)


Mushroom soup – I find this a bit watery and average , I would prefer a thicker soup.


Spaghetti – the white sauce wasn’t as creamy and rich as I would like it to be, the bacon bits were tasty and improved the taste tremendously.


By this time, the place was running at full house ! the entertainment starts at 9, and  most of the crowd got in before that. The environment was cozy and nice, good place for a mixture of a bit of a chit chat and some live music. This was my second trip to Wings, the first trip was just for drinks and this second trip was to try out the food. From both of the visits, the singers had rather good vocals, the majority of the songs presented  were in Chinese, pop music usually. As I am not up to date with the Chinese hits,  I must say that I enjoyed the second visit a bit more as they played more English songs . It was a pleasant surprise to hear this young chap singing a modernized version of  ‘the last waltz’ while strumming away on his guitar. I was impressed !  Slips of papers and pencils are available at the tables to write your song request (and hope that these are on their song book). 



Back to food..

Cheesy chicken – the interesting thing about this is that ,wah..u get 2 eggs with this dish , i.e 1 half boiled egg, and one sunny side up egg ( wrapped around/ covering the deep fried chicken. We asked…was the half boiled egg necessary ?   This was served with rice. I find the  deep fried chicken rather tasty, but kinda salty, the rice was fragrant ( like chicken rice ) 

We delayed the delivery of our dessert as we wanted to stay on to catch the 2nd half of the singing session ( there was a 30 mins break after 1 hour of singing) , you know la, sometimes if there’s nothing on the table, feel a bit malu ( embarrass) to hog the table one lah.

When the singing  resumed, we signaled to the waiter to serve our desserts, 1 scope of ice cream ( you get to choose the flavour) served with whipping cream. This evoke about 2 seconds of guilt , fleeting , brief, shortlived, transitory ….OK, enough of wallowing in guilt. Yum, what is there not to like about ice cream ?


Overall : Food was average / acceptable , but I guess the main attraction was the live music and not  the food. Comfortable environment . Service was ok. I have a feeling I will be back !

Wings can also be found in Melaka, Times Walk KL , Bandar Putri Puchong, Seri Kembangan and Kepong


32A, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,

Kuchai Enterpreneur Park

58200 KL

Tel : 79873309

( Beside Station 1 cafe)