K3K Benta Kaya 桂三记 @ Kuchai Lama

Posted: February 8, 2010 in @ Kuchai Lama
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Yes, another outing at  Kuchai Lama.

We drove around the blocks looking for a parking place and it was quite a scary (and shocking) experience to find that some of the shops that we makan-ed a few months/ weeks ago or hadn’t even makan-ed , had ceased operations.gasppp..I guess I have to take another drive one of these days to check this out and to update my makan-ed list for the status of these eateries.

K3K Benta Kaya is relatively new to this area (I hadn’t noticed it before) . It is prominently located at a corner lot , making it pretty hard to miss.

The environment was rather nice and cozy, two choice of sitting arrangements , at the corridor in lower tables and comfy armchairs or at the interior – kopitiam style complete with marble tables and wooden chairs. While  waiting , a waitress came by with a rattan basket filled with nyonya kuihs, which we politely declined. Beside us was a poster of  tv hosts  that had dined here.

The menu was very interesting, full of local ( and traditional) delights like nasi kunyit, ki chang ( alkaline dumplings), roti jala, rojak, tauhu sumbat , nyonya kuihs etc . After seeing  Yam rice on the menu i  got fixated on that and the rest of the menu seemed rather pale in comparison. My fellow makan companion decided to go for  the tom yam noodles ( choice of bee hoon, koay teow), we wanted to try the K3K version of the keropok lekor. For drinks, we choose to have traditional cincau and asam boi.

Traditional Cincau (RM3.50 )- was cincau in gula melaka. I am not a fan of gula melaka drinks, so I didn’t quite like it, I prefer my cincau in plain sugar syrup. Thank you. Asam Boi ice (RM3.80 ) was normal lah


Yam Rice (RM6.80)-  the yam rice came wrapped in lotus  leaf, served with 2 halves of hard boiled egg, cabbages and a bowl of soup plus 2 meatballs. The yam rice was good, richly flavoured  and fragrant yam rice. The cabbage tasted like it was cooked with kunyit ( I expected it to be the salty vegetable version), the meatballs ( I actually do not know what sorta balls they were, fish /chicken/etc ? this was tasteless and floury, the soup was normal broth ( again, based on Yam rice in Penang, I expected it to be sourish and pepperish). So, apart from the actual rice itself which was good , the rest of the items that came with the rice were so-so.


Tom yam soup with koay teow ( RM7.80) – the K3K version tasted more like penang asam laksa than a tom yam. It wasn’t spicy or sour – but more skewed to being sweetish. The base of the soup wasn’t strong /distinct enough.  I didn’t like this.


Keropok lekor (RM3.30) – hmm.. . I tasted more flour than fish and it was a bit too soft and lacked the chewy texture of keropok lekor. To satisfy your craving for keropok lekor, I would suggest you get it at a pasar malam or from the warongs by the roadside.


We were ready to settle the bill when it dawned on us that Eh ! K3K Benta Kaya, and we hadn’t tried the kaya wor. So, we rang the waiter and asked for kaya roti kok. From the menu, there were a few other things that come with ( or with option of) kaya , eg.  toast ( of course), ki chang, char kuih, roti jala , French fries. Wow, French fries with kaya, imagine that !

 Kaya roti kok ( RM2.50) – roti kok are those crunchy hard roti thingy ( I remember back in my black and white days where the bakery behind our house used to make these roti kok shaped like a doughnut, which I wore  as a bangle and gnaw at it at the same time, (that probably explain the sad condition of my teeth )). This wasn’t as hard or crunchy like my ‘bangle’, but a milder version- nice for soft gnawing . I find the kaya kinda watery and not as rich or fragrant as I expect it to be.


Overall, a so-so dining experience.

Location :

No 1, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,

Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,

58200 KL

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