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Shopping is a tiring affair for the feet and the bank account. Don’t you hate the large crowds ? ( oh, you don’t ? then it’s just me, being antisocial). Don’t you hate those pretty young girls , with their killer heels,  oh wow, envy envy envy – (how can they walk for hours and hours without spraining their ankles ?) not a single strand of shiny healthy hair out of place,  makeup still flawless, perfect set of teeth..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Think of  the long  queue at the cashiers,  the long queue at the washroom ,  the long queue at the changing room . ARrgggggggggggggggg!

Walking around the mall  (without killer heels or shiny healthy swaying hair) is a tiring affair.Oh, I said that earlier, I guess I need to emphasize the point and to justify having a break just one hour after lunch . I was in desperate need to rest my feet and to have a drink. And in the vicinity was Rak Thai, ah…..sawadeee kha

It was way past lunch hour, but the place was  pretty packed. The environment was good, very Thai-ish – with the Buddha statues , the Thai music, the Thai waiters /waitresses, the crowd savouring Thai food etc etc


There were also a variety of Thai sauces, noodles and whatnots for sale.


This was our tea break, so nothing too heavy, we ordered : Som tam, mango sticky rice, Tab tim grob and Lin Chi Kang ( oh yeah, nothing Thai about LCK, I just needed the sugar rush)

Som Tam /papaya salad (RM4.90) – this is usually prepared by pounding the following ingredients in a wooden mortar : green ( unriped) papaya shreds plus long beans, chili padi , onions, garlic, dried prawns  etc .


The dish was garnished with roasted peanuts . With a few  squeezes of lime and some special sauce / brew.The som tam that arrived at our table looked pretty enough but somehow lacked the ummph in the taste department. Spicy- checked , Sour- not sour enough, ,  Sweet-not sweet enough. Seemed like a watered down som tam to me.


 Lien Chi Kang (RM4.90 )- this was biasa lah . Tab tim grob ( RM5.90)- waterchestnut  with the ruby coloured skin thingy and jackfruit. I find that the santan ( coconut milk) gravy was not sweet enough to make this enjoyable for me. Or maybe Rak Thai support the Malaysian Government plea- that Malaysians are eating too much sugar ? the jackfruit weren’t too cooperative as well, the aroma of the sweet ripe jackfruit was seriously missed.


Mango sticky rice (RM4.90) – oh..come on, I really want to have something positive to write about the experience at Rak Thai. I guess the Mango sticky rice was the wrong choice and didn’t save the day. The sticky rice was an unattractive blob of white, it was tasteless and sticky ( the grains of rice seemed to have coagulate and fused into something else). And the mango wasn’t sweet. Drat !! [ if I have done some net search, I would have avoided the mango sticky rice , for most of the reviews for this wasn’t so great either]


Overall , a kinda disappointing tea break for me. But please don’t take my word for it. I read rave reviews from other blogs about the clear tom yam noodles and the other dishes (which we didn’t try ) that Rak Thai serves.

 Rak Thai

LG 232 A, The Gardens

Mid Valley City