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I tend to cringe( a bit)  stepping into a Japanese restaurant ( not that I frequent them too much seeing that this in my first posting on Japanese food after more than a year of being online), having to ‘suffer ‘ the ritual of facing individual/ rows of  waitresses /waiters  screaming/ reciting  their welcomes ( I do not understand a word of what they were saying, they could be saying that ‘ there is a really good program on TV tonight or ‘what a group of badly dressed people’ but I take it that they were welcoming us ) as one stepped into their establishment.

No difference at Midori, we went through the recitals at the entrance and were taken to our seats, the set up was rather nice and cozy.


To cut down on waiting time, we had pre-ordered  the special Bento set  for everyone, and once everyone was seated, the food arrived, fast and furious.

The Chawan Mushi ( steamed egg custard) was a delight, smooth, light and so tasty, I scraped the bowl clean of  steamed egg molecules.


Then the Bento box arrived. Tan tan taraaa…. In the box, we get :-

Yasai sarada ( fresh garden salad), Yasai  Nimono ( simmered vege in light stock) . Tori Tatsutaage (deep-fried marinated chicken) – which I found to be kinda dry, kaisen furai (deep-fried crumbed assorted seafood ) – the batter seemed a bit thick and heavy , I would have prefer the lighter tempura batter. Shake teppanyaki (Norwegian salmon on teppanyaki hotplate)- which was rather nice. Some pickles, and also steamed white rice.


We also had the customary Miso soup ( Japanese bean-paste soup) and green tea.

Overall an ok meal and I won’t mind another helping of Chawan mushi..hmm…yummm.

Open daily :-

Lunch: 11.30pm- 2.30pm Dinner: 6.30pm- 10.00pm

Location : Marriot Putrajaya, 101 Resort, Putrajaya

 Telephone: 603- 8949888 ext 1222/1223