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Rumah Ku @ Petaling Jaya

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When Chunny picked me up that saturday , we hadn’t decide where to have lunch, then Chunny suggested, ‘let’s do Rumah Ku’, so off we head to PJ. A  few weeks before this, a colleague had pointed out the place to me but being someone with a total lack of direction, I didn’t really have much  an idea where I was, except that it was on the same street as the shop serving the  famous Ipoh chicken rice and it was an orangy/yellowish painted bungalow.  And guess what , we drove up and down the street twice and could not locate the shop and at the third try, I was all for going to Jaya 1 or somewhere else, but Chunny was a bit more persistent and FINALLY, we found the place, it wasn’t difficult to find actually, just that we never expected it to be so near the end of the road and we had turned back before reaching that part of the road.

When we stepped into Rumah Ku, we could hear snippets of ‘happy birthday’ drifting from one of the  2 private rooms  (  these private rooms seemed to have specific themes ( Chinese room and Indian room)  and looked rather pretty and cozy. We had to sit in the ‘public area’ –which I think is the Malay hall. There were also several tables out in the garden which would probably be suitable for the evening diners ( or perhaps for  those that would like to get a tan while having lunch ?)

We spend a bit of time deciding on our orders and settled for Tuna cutlets, Chunny wanted XO Mee with prawn and being a rice bin, I ordered banana leaf meal + chicken peratal.

Tuna Cutlets ( RM8) – I find the cutlets a bit over-fried- the outside had a bit of a hard-ish thick crust  and the softer insides seemed to be a bit too loosely packed ( I was expecting the tuna bits to be packed more tightly), the taste was interesting though, one can experience a variety of flavour as you bite into the cutlets, lotsa spices.  

Rumahku XO Mee with prawns , at RM9 – I was something a bit more glamourous looking, this look like wantan mee ( except for the prawn ensemble ) , I had a taste of this and as I was expecting wantan mee –ish flavour, it was a surprise to bite into a spicy-ish flavoured noodles. Chunny said that it was ok-ish.


Banana leaf meal ( RM6) + Chicken Peratal ( RM6) – and it wasn’t even served on a ‘real’ banana leaf but a plastic banana leaf plate 😛 ! For the Banana leaf meal, kinda the usual fare than you could get at the usual shops ( and probably in bigger portions ), ladies finger lah , soft slices of spicy raddish lah, the dhall kuah la, the pampadom la. The chicken peratal was some kind of dry curry style of cooking. This was average and did I mention the portions were rather small ?


Overall – I would say an average meal . Frankly, we had very high expectation of the food as from the blogs and newspaper features that we had read, all were singing praises about this establishment so, it was kind of a downer for us,  maybe we didn’t order the ‘correct’ dishes. Anyway, don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself. and probably visit in the evening, i think the place should be pretty in the evening.

 You can view their menu here  although I think the prices hadn’t been updated guar.

 Location :

Rumah Ku Gallery and Cafe (PJ)
6A, Jalan Universiti,
46100 Petaling Jaya. Tel :79571073