Yummy Duck Roast House鸭味无穷 @ Kuchai Lama

Posted: December 24, 2009 in @ Kuchai Lama
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Wiki Lim – my makan adviser,   passed me a dark brown business card and said ‘ go try this, this is not bad’ . When the sifu recommends, the dutiful little ( err..not so little) grasshopper will usually obey. So, off we went to Yummy Duck on one fine Sunday afternoon. I think it was almost a full house on that day we visited,  but luckily the place ( air-conditioned ) is rather spacious, so, there were plenty of room between the tables.

 I had brought along an article featured in The Star   to make sure that we know what to order.

We scanned the menu and for wanton noodles, they have 3 versions – dry/soupy/spicy (an extra surcharge of RM1 for the spicy version). 3 combination noodles (RM11.80) , where you get to choose 2 or 3 of  what to have with your wanton noodles  including : roast chicken, roast pork belly, char siew, roast duck , spare ribs, wanton or dumplings . Can I have all of ‘em ? 

Roast duck was priced at RM 52 for the whole bird and RM28 for half a bird, and roast chicken at RM 38 and RM20 for whole bird and half a bird, and as for roast goose : RM150 and RM80 respectively. Apart from wanton noodles, there are also other types of noodles available : minced pork butter noodles, Cantonese style horfun, crispy noodles with prawns etc

Side dishes include : deep fried silver fish with pepper sauce, deep fried soft shell crabs, glutinous rice stuffed chicken wings, shredded duck spring rolls and vegetables like : kailan, choy yuen, yau marg, hot spicy vegetables

We decided to go for : 3 combination noodles :roast pork belly, char siew and roast duck. , crispy noodles with prawns  and a plate of soft shell crabs.

Can’t help letting out a happy sigh when the 3 combination noodles arrived at our table. The char siew was very  much the  ‘lighter’  version of the gooey sweetish sauce type, probably too much lean meat as well although the meat wasn’t tough, I find this so-so. The roast pork belly fared better than the Char siew, the meat was fragrant and tasty and I failed to resist the temptation of chewing the crunchy skin- this was nice. Saving the best for last – the roast duck—the skin was crispy, the meat was tender ( melt in the mouth), nicely marinated, juicy, succulent ,blah blah blah  everything a roast duck should be ( wish list – pay for itself ?)  . YUMMMY. The texture of the wanton noodles was pretty good, fine and springy.


Crispy noodles with prawns (RM12) – I find the floury/ alkali (?)  taste of the noodles a bit too strong and the egg based gravy could not ‘cover’ it . Apart from prawns, there were also chunks of pork, snow peas, carrots, Chinese cabbage in the vege. This was average but I do like the sound the noodles make when you bite into them , crunch crunch..


Soft shell crabs (RM12) – the chef might have been a bit too zealous with the flavorings, this was a bit too salty for my liking and the taste of the crabs weren’t too prominent ( or to be blunt – tasteless) , seemed a bit like biting into flour rather than crabs


The moral of the story, when visiting a shop that says – Yummy Duck Roast House—stick to the roast ( and don’t forget the duck) .

 NB: they do  not accept credit cards.


Tel : 79816299

Hours : 11 am -10:30pm

  1. Anonymous says:

    Among the appetizers u should try the crispy fish both the spicy one and the silver fish are nice besides the stuffed glutinous chicken wings ( i like this most).

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Anon, stuff glutinous chicken wings sounds good ! thanks for the recommendations.

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