Restaurant Thai Sabye-Sabye @ Old Klang Road – Part II

Posted: December 10, 2009 in @ Old Klang Road
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We had guests at the office, which included a red hair devil pardon me… 😛 and a muslim colleague, which called for Halal food, apart from those regular chain store bistro and fast food restaurant, they aren’t that many halal makan place around my office area, tak kan lah nak makan McD pulak ? Made a quick call to confirm the halal-ness and problem solved.

Mr Angmo studied the menu and asked for Green chicken curry and squid paprik, after which he left the table and went for a quick smoke. After consulting the group ( which refrained me from ordering any dishes with petai..spoilsport !) we ordered Menam Garoupa, four angle bean in belacan, fried tofu and lemongrass salad.

While waiting, we were offered a complimentary plate of colourful agar-agar- which was wolfed down so quickly that I didn’t have time to load my camera.  Can’t blame them ( included) , it was a bit past our normal lunch hour.

Green chicken curry- long beans, brinjals and chicken slices cooked in thick santan, Mr A enjoyed this tremendously, his double chin quivered as he scooped  spoonful after spoonful of the curry onto his plate. The gravy was rich and creamy, very nice. Long beans and brinjals blended in very well with the taste.


Menam Garuopa, looked like regular steamed fish, topped with basil, ginger shreds but wait ahh..upon close inspection there were lotsa chopped chili padi in this dish. The fish was steamed just right -the meat was smooth yet firm and you could taste the freshness of the fish. And with the occasional bite into bits of chili padi, wow, potent dish ! Loved it.


Fried tofu – this might be mistaken for goreng pisang , the deep fried oval shaped tofu pieces were  topped with mango salad ( mango shreds, onions, dried squids, roasted peanuts, chilli padi etc)  the homemade tofu were  deep fried ( oh, I mentioned deep fried earlier already hor)  thin crispy skin on the outside , smooth and soft on the inside. Looked kinda unassuming but rather delicious lerrr..

The dishes were turning up fast and furious and interestingly Mr A was still concentrating on the green curry, probably a purist / systematic eater. Anyway, we just continued enjoying the other dishes and hoped that by the time he tires of the curry, there might still be some leftovers from the other dishes for him.

Lemongrass salad—ahh..the love of my life…thinly sliced lemongrass, dried squid, dried prawns chopped onions, roasted peanuts and chili padi seasoned with lime juice, sugar and dunno what else made up this fabulously refreshing and mouth watering dish. I raved about this dish in the previous posting too, ( read here) and will continue to rave about it here. Sweet, sour, spicy, lemongrassy… wonderfully delicious and tantalizing . 

Paprik squid – fresh springy squid in spicy chili paste, this was hot hot hot ( spicy) , I think I must have accidentally bitten into some chili padi. And by this time Mr A had finished all his rice ( and most of the green curry)  and started on the squid. i should also comment that this guy seemed to be  immune to chili padi, he ate them by the bowlful, we had to refill his bowl of chili padi three times in the course of the meal. I am impressed !

Four angel bean in belacan  – crispy ( but not raw) and tender  4 angle bean cooked in belacan plus dried prawns, this was really good. the bean was neither over nor undercooked , so the rawness was not there and yet manage to maintain the crispiness. the belacan wasn’t too strong or too mild, . This was better than perfect…

Overall, all the dishes were really good, pretty reasonably priced too, I think it was in the region of RM150-180 for the above dishes, plus rice and drinks for 6 pax) .The best dish for the day- I am undecided between the lemongrass salad and the 4 angel bean. As for  Mr A, his choice was  Green Curry chicken and paprik squid.

Opening Hours : 11:30am – 10.30pm ( Everyday)

Location :

Restoran Thai Sabye Sabye

G62 Lucky Plaza Bandar Park,

Jalan Awan Mendung Batu 5,

Off Jalan Klang Lama,

58200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 79812887

Head  towards Pearl Point International Hotel or Parkson ( old Yaohan/ Kimisawa)  at Old Klang Road, look for Pasaraya Sentral, which in between the 2 landmarks mentioned above. Sabye-Sabye is located near the main entrance of the pasaraya.


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