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Posted: November 28, 2009 in @ Serdang
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This was one of the eateries that caused quite a generous flow of saliva after i read  about it from a blog, at that time Ah Lek (Lek Lek) was located near a school somewhere in Serdang, we tried to look for it but failed, so the project was abandoned until we found that the restoran has been relocated (1 year plus ady, actually)  to Pusat Perdagangan SK ( which was a lot more easy to find lah)

We were there on a Sunday for lunch, at the table next to ours,  where  judging from the presence of the Secret Recipe cakebox – must be celebrating the birthday of someone, there were 3 generations of family members and judging from the clothes that the children are wearing and the handphones on the table, the family would be from the middle upper class range. And from the hairstyle of the ladies, which I recognized to be from the latest creation of Sassoon academy , I deduce  that they are probably…. Err..but I digress ( and you can ignore the rest of the sentence after ‘3 generations of family I made that up 😀 ).

If you are not sure of what to order, before stepping into the restaurant have a look at the colour buntings at the entrance  , well, I had 2 dishes that was already on my ‘must eat’ list, so I was ‘very action’ and didn’t stop to look. And if I had, I would have seen : literally translated : melted bone dragon 化骨龙( will talk about this later) , summer fruit four vege 夏果四蔬 ( which from the pixs  seemed to have lotus root, sweet peas, broccoli, celery, some kinda nuts etc ) , butterprawn, salted egg sotong, curry fish head, ku- lou yok, Japanese snails in garlic and  broiled chicken

We ordered the melted bone dragon fish –which was their specialty, salted egg sotong and for vege- we had stir fried nai-pak

The dragon thingy- if you like boneless fish or fish paste, then you would like this dish, this was actually ‘re-constructed fish’  , the fish meat ( Ma Yau fish)  was removed, made into fish paste, and then ‘re-constructed’ into a fish, kinda like Steve Austin, ..better, faster and stronger..teng teng teng teng… . have a look below.


Looks like a fish, smells  like fish but is it a fish ? 

And the close up :


The fish ( RM26) was yummyyyy, the fish paste was firm, springy, tasty, perfectly seasoned. The gravy was simple and light-  plain soy sauce plus oil with spring onions, shreds of cabbage and the purple cabbage thingy.

And to find out to what extent did the chef go to make this a ‘real’ fish , we ‘dissected’ the fish head and voila , the chef really took pains to make sure that all the crevices are filled and stuffed with the yummy fish paste, no cutting of corners brader!


Salted egg sotong  (RM12) – the fried sotong that I have had usually comes in smaller pieces, so it was a change to find such chunky pieces of sotong being served. And ahhh, the sotong was deep fried and crispy on the outside, sweet and springy on the inside. And at first, the  taste of salted egg excites your taste buds and then after further chewing, you start to have some degree of ‘hot / spiciness’ at the based of your throat thanks to the ginger and chili padi. the curry leaves enhanced the dish further. Ahh..good sotong


Stir fried nai-pak (RM12), , the vege was succulent and fresh,  a simple and well  prepared dish which compliment the other two dishes perfectly.


We were also served a complimentary plate of fruits ( papaya + watermelon)

The total bill came to RM54,40 – which include the above dishes , plus 2 chinese tea and 2 rice . A perfectly enjoyable meal ( excuse me while I burp…)

Oh.. you might have noticed  the paper flower served with the sotong , cute hor..the last I have seen of the flowers were probably when we celebrated my grandma’s birthday zoinks ago , u know, the time before the whipped creamed black forest / cheese cakes took over the cake scene , where we only have those butter / sponge cake heavily decorated with red, white and pink icing, yellow/red/purple edible paper flowers, silver pearls thingy)

Location and operating hours  :


No 12 Jalan PSK 4,

Pusat Perdagangan SK

43300 Seri Kembangan.

Tel : 89413404 / 012 3173098

  1. Samantha says:

    If i want to celebrate my son 1st year birthday,can u let me know some order list??Is probably arond 4 table,tq

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Samantha, thanks for dropping by. You can contact Lek-Lek at the number provided in the post and check with them what they can offer. ( i am just reviewing the food, i do not own / work at Lek Lek or any restaurant :D)

  3. Paul says:

    Try the fish paste in Restaurant KK in Taman Midah, Cheras.

  4. pegasuskl says:

    Thanks for dropping by Paul. Thanks for the recommendation, will keep this in mind !

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