Jia Xiang @ Simpang Ampat, Penang

Posted: November 19, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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We were suppose to leave SC’s place at 6:30, but between gossiping / catching up, origami, pizza, SC screaming at her kids, kids stuck to pc playing zombie, the rain, people taking overly long time in the shower, resuscitating the goldfish and a few more other reasons,  we lost track of time, and by the time we arrive at Jia Xiang, we were almost half an hour late or if you are Malaysian, we were on time 😀

We were told that there might be a big crowd and to minimize the wait .PW had call up earlier to  pre-ordered the dishes . So, we could only stare at the whiteboard and prayed that she made some good choices


On the whiteboard ,  include : kung po froggies, curry powder sotong, claypot crab / flower crab rice, kum heong crab/flower crab , black pepper prawns, curry tofu, marmite chicken, yam duck, thai style trotters , roasted peanut pork ribs etc etc…

And our order : –

Stir fried sweet potato leaves with garlic – the tender sweet potato leaves was plainly fried in garlic and some sauces, a simple dish and yet so delicious.


Claypot Crab rice— my saliva went through an overdrive when I heard them ordering  crab rice  over the phone, images of succulent crabs, steaming fragrant rice..oh la la. The dish arrived in a clay pot and after the steam had cleared, we could see quite a generous amount of crabs in the pot. Although provided with the necessary tools ( crusher thingy  and hammer) it was not an easy task to ‘break’the shells , well..no pain no gain..i was a bit disappointed with this dish, no complaints about the crabs which were meaty and fresh, but i had expected that the sweetness of the crab would have seeped into the rice and added some crabby sweet flavour to the rice, but sadly, this was not the case.


Pei Pa duck –the skin was brown and crispy, the meat was tender (and with some fat) , the sauce was gooey sweet – I thought this was a very good duck but surprisingly we couldn’t even finish half a duck, I guess I was the only one with a sweet tooth.


Bittergourd with salted egg – I couldn’t really taste the salted egg in this dish, I find it a bit too wet/ soggy for my liking, luckily the guord was well cooked, the thick slices were  succulent, soft  and not too bitter. This was so-so.


Steamed fish – can’t remember what was the species of the fish, the broth was tasty but the fish was overcooked, which gave that tough/ tongue grating texture. What a waste.


Tofu in minced meat – homemade mushroom ‘soaked’ in a sea of minced meat, muchroom and spring onions, the gravy was wonderful,  the tofu was smooth and tasty, this was the best dish of the lot.


The total bill came to ~RM150 for 7 pax ( plus rice and drinks) , which was reasonable. A friend tarpau the claypot crab rice for two, which came to RM38.

Overall, an average meal.

Location : I lost the location map, will look for it and update this post ( soli soli)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jia Xiang
    Can you email the phone nos of Soon Hiang Restaurant, Simpang Empat to my email add: saysan.goh@gmail.com or saysan@streamyx.com. Hope to visit the restaurant during CNY holidays. Thanks

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi, i am sorry, i do not have the contact details….:-(

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