Ku Cheng Tse Temple 北海苦僧寺@ Butterworth

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Sights
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Two charging elephants greet us as we enter the Ku Chen Tse temple, they  looked like a pair of friendly ( and rather cute, I must say)  elephants with their tucks raised and all that. Of the many Thai temples that I have been in Kelantan, elephants were not featured so predominantly ( I only remember one temple in Bunohan which had a sitting one) but in Penang, of the 2 Thai temples that I have visited, both had elephants. Why harr ?


If you look closely at the picture above, you can see offerings of sugar canes placed on the tusks  and bunch of bananas at their feet . I saw some people rubbing the elephants’ belly, touched it’s feet and tusks.

I asked the caretakers’ permission before taking photos in the shrine hall,  and smilingly he said ‘ go ahead, take as many as you like, just don’t take a picture of me’, I replied ‘aiya,Uncle, you also rather photogenic mahh’. I think he was rather happy with that reply 😀

The  main shrine hall is  a rather large area where devotees can pay their respects

 main hall

 The main altar with statue of the Buddha , flank by his two disciples ( Mongalana and Sariputta ? I am just guessing) and also statue of a monk.

 main altar

And there are 2 rows of Lorhan ( 9 in each row) at the side of the hall

 9 lor han

Are you one of those who sometimes get confused on where to put the big bunch incense after you untie the rubberband that held them ?  or wonder if there are any correct sequences in placing the incense into the urns, well, have no fear, at Ku Chen Tse, there are clear instruction on the hows and whens .

 joss stick

There was a big water container close to the main altar, where it is a DIY collecting point for holy water to take home, there were also packets of pre packed uncooked rice for the devotees to take home, which after consumption will provide peace, harmony and safety.

Next door to  Ku Chen Tse is an Hindu temple, you can catch a glimpse ( and the sounds) of the  going ons at the Hindu temple. And interestingly you can see some of the devotees praying and making offerings to both temples. Double protection horr, why not ? It was starting to drizzle, so I didn’t get a chance to kaypor at the Hindu temple.


Lotsa  pixs here http://zoompg.com.my/viewthread.php?tid=29

Temple hours :


Location :

Head on towards Sunway Hotel, Butterworth

No. 1350, Jalan Bagan Jermal,
12300 Butterworth,
Pulau Pinang Darul Mutiara,


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