Hainan 48 海南 48 @ Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang

Posted: November 12, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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‘Have you ever tried mee sua ala sharkfin ‘ was the question, and ehh..how could a kaypor like me not be curious ?

So off we went to Jalan Raja Uda and came to a zinc-roofed and zinc cladded hawker area. Which was not too far from a petrol station, Caltex, it was, I think .

PW ordered the necessary

Mee Sua Ko面线糊, the mee sua  ala sharkfin. The few strands of  mee sua came in not too starchy/goeey soup, the mee sua came with prawns , mince meat and egg flower. They will also provide a bottle of vinegar with the mee sua, just like sharkfin soup horr ? this was interesting and taste pretty  good too.

 mee sua ko

Fried Sarng Mien – deep fried crispy noodles soften by thick starchy gravy. The noodles came with prawns, vege, char siu, slices of meat. The sambal..oohh..the sambal enhanced the  taste of the already so tasty noodles  .Yummm…I liked this  very much

 Sarng mein

Char Hor Fun炒河粉–mee hoon and koay teow, fried and then thick gooey gravy were poured  over the noodles. the noodles were kinda clumpy and the taste of the gravy were quite similar to that of the fried sarng mien.

 koay teow

Overall, an enjoyable meal.



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