Dinner & Breakfast @ Bukit Mertajam, Penang

Posted: November 8, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Ok, lets talk about dinner first..

Friday p.m

We headed off to the Tua Pek Kong temple at Bukit Mertajam, ronda-ronda and finally managed to get a parking spot, ‘parking attendant’ immediately appeared and offered his hand umm…not as in marriage proposal.. so, we dropped a few shiny coins into his open palms ( kinda like paying protection money, I guess), walked a few steps to the temple area where the hawker stalls were  and ohh..food galore..PW wanted to try a fishhead dish that a friend had recommended so we hunted around and finally found it at a shoplot at the street beside  the temple

The fishhead dish is like the deep fried chunks of fish meat ( and other parts) that we get in fishhead noodles, and these are cooked in a gravy with celery, spring onions, cabbage and tomatoes. You have a choice of porridge or bee hoon to go with this dish. We chose porridge and this seemed to go rather well with the fish which was rather tasty, umm..not bad

 fish head

We ordered mixed  vege from a tai-chow stall at the same coffee shop – this was average,nothing to shout about.


Also ordered deep fried Belacan chicken, I wish the belacan flavour was a bit stronger. This was average

 belacan chic

Saturday a.m.

After the usual ‘what u want to eat ah? “ questions, we headed off to Kampung Baru for breakfast

The coffee shop occupied a corner area and was packed ( I didn’t note the name of the shop though ( clever me, eh?))  but I recall  it was near to 2 dialysis centre ( not a good enough clue ?)

I had Koay Chiap , I hadn’t come across any stalls in KL selling this yet,  The soup and the duck ( and whatever parts that were served : gizzard, intestine, skin, meat , liver etc) was rather tasty albeit a bit salty.

 kueh chiap

PW ordered dry prawn mee, there were 2 stalls selling prawn mee and after many many minutes of pondering ( and after a bowl of Kueh Chiap) , looking around the other tables to see which stall had the majority of the customer the decision was made- the stall at the front. PW paid extra to have some chicken feet added to the bowl. Looks good hor ? according to PW, this was not bad.

 prawn mee

i tried some apam from the Indian stall, which was rather ok. ( anyway, what could go wrong with apam ?)



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