Restoran Sun Huat Kee @ Bangsar

Posted: October 26, 2009 in @ Bangsar
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Ever since reading about Restoran Sun Huat Kee which was featured in Food Trails ( in The Star), I have been looking forward to eating that bowl of curry laksa and also having a plate of  Soo Kee beef noodles (without having to go to Jalan Imbi)

Sun Huat Kee is a kopitiam with many stalls selling various kinda food, but since it’s Bangsar we are talking about, it’s a  higher end kinda kopitiam establishment , nicer tables and chairs, nicer looking stalls and probably nicer looking customers  😛

 I was torn between having curry laksa or the beef noodles, but since my fellow diner does not eat beef, guess that meant I was having Moo-moo for lunch ( well, the advantage was, I do not have to share my food)

Tak Kee curry laksa ( RM5.50), what is not to like about curry laksa ?  well, mainly is the guilt, I guess , about consuming santan, secondly- global warming and thirdly..err..ok, eat first, think later. Co-inhabiting the bowl with the noodles : cockles, long bean, brinjal, taugeh, taufu pok, fu pei ( bean curd skin) and chicken. And the star of the bowl- the gravy. Rich santan , fragrant and not too heavy..ahh…very nice, the gravy struck me as being very refined and elegant.. elegant gravy, huh ? kari mee

Jalan Imbi Soo Kee ( tai shue tou) beef noodles, this was full  of promise ( especially at the price tag of RM8). The first spoonful, hmmm.. good wok hei (  the wok power), second spoonful, umm..a bit tasteless one gehh ? can’t be mahh…try another spoonful, yes, still tasteless, add more soy sauce, nope, doesn’t help, dumped the whole saucer of soy sauce into the noodles, nope , doesn’t help. This was a real disappointment, I struggled to finished the rather big serving of noodles and the notion of admitting defeat crossed my mind many times, but I must prevail (and not waste that hard earned RM8 ) . Maybe the chef forgot to add something in this particular bowl of noodles ? The only consolation was that the beef was tender and springy.beef noodles

Overall, good curry laksa and sadly, bad experience of beef noodles, might return to try out the fish ball noodles and meat balls noodles which seemed  to be rather popular at the time of our visit.


Location :

 Lucky Garden, Bangsar

 Sun Huat Kee is Next to  Alliance Bank


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