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Posted: October 12, 2009 in @ Midvalley
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I was given the chance to make a decision  for our lunch makan place – Ding Tai Fong or Canton-i, and since I hadn’t dined at Canton-i, it wasn’t difficult for me to decide. The setting was nice, clean and simple, the main theme was pink and white ( kinda girlish, I thought) with floral patterns and white (birdless) cages. The clever use of the mirror and the bamboo plants make the room seemed bigger until you realised that you are looking at your own reflection rather than some other badly dressed diners seated a few tables away 😀 .  I find the tables a bit  too close together ( you can easily evesdrops on your neighbour’s conversation  )  kinda like canteen style of seating –  unless you  manage to get the individual  tables by the sides where u get a bit more privacy


For drinks I had passionfruit and jasmine -refreshing, the taste of passionfruit was noticeable but not too strong to cover  the fragrant of jasmine though. C ordered chrysantimum tea ( free refills) and this was probably  the prettiest chrysantimum tea I have ever seen.

 chryst tea

We ordered 2 types of chu cheong fun – prawns and char siu –  texture of the flour was smooth .The soy sauce that came with the dish was fragrant, the bean paste, slightly spicy, but enhanced the taste. I preferred the char siu ccf because there were more filing in them than the ones with the prawns and you taste less of the flour

 char siu ccf

Har gau, ,  the big juicy prawns are clearly visible through the translucent thin skin , as there were only 3 har gau but 4 mouths, I forgo my portion -so that they will still take me out in the future 😀

 prawn s mai

Siu mai with prawns, juicy prawns on top of the siu mai , I found the stuffing in the siu mai a bit tough – this was average

 siu mai

Char siu and roast pork ( at RM25, K grumble that it was such a small portion) – the char siu was with a bit of fat, and was oh so tender and tasty, the roast pork belly was quite tender, not overly fat and the outer skin was crunchy. Yumm


Seemed to be the thing with some restaurant with their open kitchen concept


Fried lor bak kou , a lot of prawns, taugeh, the kuih had a nice texture, slightly crusty and charred on the outside and soft on the inside, not as oily as the ones at the pasar malam– this was ok.

 fried lobak kou

Noodles with duck meat and vege- when it arrived, it looked pretty normal and after tasting it,   it also taste like what an average cook might cook at home- this was forgettable.


Spring rolls ( RM8). This was in fact half the portion of the popiah with filling, and the other half with the skin shredded, and which, after deep frying, looked pretty – which was why I  choose this when i saw the pretty pix in the menu. C kept on saying, but you are only eating flour and declined to take it, so I had to finish it, since this was my selection, this was average , a kinda overated pompous popiah if you ask me



G was raving about por lou pau in Hong Kong , and keep on asking us to order this, the buns arrived with a big slice of butter in between it ( kinda like a rude bread putting out a butter tongue) . I could not take it to eat the whole piece of the butter, and removed  half of it before taking the first bite , and before my second bite, removed  the remaining butter, I am sorry, I really can’t intentionally eat so much butter , the skin doesn’t look as crumbled as some porlou pau I have seen at the bakery, but it was still slightly crusty and where the butter melt in the bun,it  tasted quite nice

 por lo bun

Overall an OK meal, the total bill came to ~RM180 , which was kinda on the pricey side


 website :



The Gardens, Mid Valley City,

LG 202 & 203A

Lower Ground Floor

Tel : 2284 6888


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