Kafe Thai Pan Delights @ Kuchai Lama

Posted: October 6, 2009 in @ Kuchai Lama
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We first saw Kafe Thai Pan Delights when we were having a meal at a cafe a few months back ( which sadly had closed down) and on that particular day , it was the opening day for Thai Pan, I made a mental note to try it out someday. Fast forward a few months -read a good  review in The Star ( click here for article)  and that hasten the trip.

We weren’t sure what to order, so we asked the person serving us to give us some recommendations , and from her list, we chose – Fried Pad Thai (RM6.80) ,Green Curry Chicken with rice (RM7.80),  Otak2 seafood (RM12) and Thai Cendol (RM2.50). Their other popular dishes : belacan fried rice, tom yam soup ( chicken/ seafood). Mango sticky rice, pineapple fried rice, beef ball noodle soup, papaya/mango salad and   chicken feet + pamelo.

Fried Pad Thai – the thinner version of  koay teow had a nice springy and smooth texture, It was slightly sweet with a tinge of spice. The dish came  with taugeh ( beansprouts), pieces of chicken, prawns, carrot shreds, egg and roasted peanut. Nice…


Green curry chicken with rice – you get rice, a bowl of green curry, egg shreds and a few pieces of fried dried fish ( not salted fish) plus slices of cucumber and tomato. The curry was rich , fragrant and so tasty-. the chicken slices were tender, the longbeans were crunchy , the gravy was yummy , oh boy, I can’t get enough of it. Aroy ChingChing (very delicious). Goes very well with rice . Perfecto !

 green curry

Otak2 seafood – this dish arrived wrapped in foil and as I always had the impression that otak2 should be solid, it was kinda surprising to see this dish was kinda wet and ‘loose’. And there seemed to be plenty of chili in it, which got me kinda worried. Looks can be deceiving though .. it wasn’t too spicy and had some tinge of sweet in it. The otak2 chunks/ flakes were creamy and rich. Other ingredients include : cabbage, sotong ( squid) and  prawns. Another dish that didn’t disappoint.


Thai Cendol – we ordered this because we expected it to be the type of chewy, springy ( and often colourful) cendol we get in Thailand, but this turn out to be our regular green cendol. The cendol was served with wedges of sweet potato. The santan and gula melaka wasn’t too heavy. I find the cendol ( which kinda melt in the mouth) a bit too soft for my liking So, when we were settling the bill, and after praising the delicious food, I commented about the cendol and was corrected by the cashier( looks like the owner) that, that is the specialty of their homemake cendol and their customers liked this so much (oh oh..but it was still too soft for my liking lah )


Overall, a very enjoyable meal. i would love to go back again and try the other dishes.


 Location :

Thai Pan Delights is at a corner lot opposite  JoJo’s Kitchen – refer to map here


Kafe Thai Pan Delights

28 Jalan Kuchai Maju 9,

Off Kuchai Lama

58200 KL

Tel :  79840778

  1. email2me says:

    Their foods were fantastic!

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Sawadee Kha Email2me, you like the food too har ? what did you order / what would you recommend ?

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