Goh Fun Kee Bak Kut Teh 吳方记@ Seri Kembangan

Posted: October 1, 2009 in @ Serdang
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Goh Fun Kee Cafe originate  from Sarawak and the outlet in  Seri Kembangan is their fifth and only outlet in West Malaysia , the other outlets are  in Kuching . Prior to my visit- I have been seeing their advert in those media magazine thingy that they clog your mailbox with, you know la, those thin colourful magazines promoting from – spas / slimming centres / correcting and enhancing certain parts of the body , food outlets, water filters, electrical shops, health food, hair studios, boutiques, car assessories, computers…u get the picture yet ? But  I digress ..

When we stepped into the cafe, apart from the banner hanging at the entrance, there were big colourful pictures / banners depicting the food and with the price list on the wall as well, so that was pretty convenient . ( for the menu, please click here )we studied the wall, and decided to go for their specialty – Dried Bak Kut Teh ( BKT) and Dong Kwai BKT . For drinks , we ordered another specialty Cucumber + sourplum and Ice lemon kasturi ( pickled lime) .

The cucumber + sour plum drink was quite nice, very ‘green’ taste of cucumber  balanced by the sourness of the plum, good combination, rather refreshing. When the waiter ( he seemed to be one-leg-kick waiter, cashier and PIC)  brought the iced lemon kasturi, he keep on reminding us that- you can eat the pickled lime. We didn’t forget and it was a good lime too ! the drinks weren’t too expensive, these 2 drinks costs  RM2.50 (I wonder was that on promotion) .Apart from the cucumber drink, the other specialties are the ‘ 2 coloured chin-chau’ – which was kwai-leng kou + almond pudding.


The Dried BKT (RM9)..ahh..what a feast for pork lover 😀 ..in the pot, u have ribs, 3-layered meat, lean meat, pork balls and ladies finger ( the vege, not human, just in case you are wondering) . The meat were  tender and well marinated, hmmm…tasty.


The Dong Kwai BKT (RM9.50) came next and the strong and distinctive  aroma of dong kwai filled our nostrils..hmmm..salivate, salivate.  In the pot, we found button mushroom, lettuce ( sarng choy), fatty pork, pork balls etc. The pleasure of fishing out the yau-char-kwai (RM1.50) pregnant with soup , and biting into the soggy ‘kwai’ and tasting the soup…..hmm…memorable…the serving was pretty big, I think for small eaters ( not like me) one serving can be shared by 2 persons.


Overall, an enjoyable meal, yumyum..Go Funkyyy…Go Funkyy..rah rah rah..

Operating hours : 11:30am – 10:00pm

Location :

Refer to map here, Goh Fun Kee is one of the shop at the shoplots across the street from Serdang Home Cook Restaurant


Goh Fun Kee Cafe  (official website is here )

43-1 Ground Floor,

Jalan BS 4/1,

Taman Bukit Serdang, Seksyen 4,

43300 Seri Kembangan

Tel : 016 8831708


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