Bogus Monks

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Mumblings
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You  know how it is, you are enjoying a hot pipping bowl of curry mee at your favourite kopitiam , and this Indian Uncle come by your table and offer to make u a rich man by just investing RM3 and the usual tagline –‘ This Sunday open one, 17 million, sure kena ( strike) one, lucky number etc etc’…and maybe 5 minutes after that – elderly Chinese uncle or auntie come by with tissues, soft toys etc and maybe with some newspaper clipping about some unfortunate souls and seeking donations ..and another few minutes later  ..  kaki ayam-ed bald person in saffron robes come by your table  and in his alms bowl are some orange/yellow/ red amulets which he offers to you in exchange for $

i found a leftlet which explained that these baldies ( baddies) in saffron robes are not monks but rather bald conmen – or so termed – Bogus Monks..

bogus monk

bogus monk En

bogus monk Cn

Please feel free to extract the images / text  and inform friends, family,  neighbours, community of these menaces.


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