Best Friend Dimsum Restaurant 老友记中港点心茶楼@ Seri Kembangan, Serdang

Posted: September 23, 2009 in @ Serdang
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Whenever I drive passed Best Friend Dimsum Restaurant, I find it to be enjoying brisk business, so, I guess it was about time we check it out and see what all the fuss is about.

This fried roti thingy filled with bits of prawns and meat had a fluffy texture and the filing was pretty tasty which went very well with the mayo that was provided


Pork ribs – the meat had an interesting Chinese herbs flavour but it was a bit tough though.

The minced pork wrapped fu-pei ( soya skin) came in a reddish sauce which I will describe as tasting like spicy tomato sauce, I didn’t quite like it- it was kinda overpowering and didn’t ‘jive’ with the dimsum

Fishball wrapped in fu-pei  –  had the same sauce as the  beforementioned which spoil the fun lah.. the texture of the fishball was ok – I washed away the sauce with some Chinese tea and found it much improved 😛


We ordered century egg +lean pork porridge but the waitress must have forgotten and served us chicken shreds +chicken floss porridge , if you like smooth and fine porridge you would probably not like this as the rice grains are still intact and kinda lumpy, the meat floss was a bit sweet which didn’t went well with the porridge


Fishball wrapped in seaweed – this had  a nice texture and taste good too

Thingy wrapped in wantan skin – this was the best amongst the lot. Yummy


Char siu pao – the dough was kinda flat, lacking in  fluffiness and puffiness . The filing was reddish ( boo hoo..i want this in black gooey sauce ) and had a strong taste of something resembling  Chinese red wine.


Wu kok ( yam puff) – had the same filing as char siu pau above ( deduct some points) and the outer yam layer was kinda thin for my liking

 wu kok

The unit price of each plate of dimsum range from RM2.50 to a max of RM 5.50, for our meal above including a pot of tea, costs us RM31.80 which is about typical for a dimsum meal.

Overall, I find the dimsum average. The service was good –friendly and efficient


They are closed on the second Tuesday of each month.

 Location :


At Jalan Besar, pass Esso, Caltex, BP ( on your left) , go straight, pass market ( right) . go straight, when you come to Public Bank, turn right at the traffic light, go straight, when u see double storey shoplots on your left , at the junction – you will see – Best Friend –which occupies the corner lot – on your right . for a more descriptive map, check out    previous posting Serdang Home Cook Restaurant , Best Friend is further up the road -less than 500m away

 Best Friend Dimsum Restaurant

No 1717 Jalan 6/1, Seri Kembangan

43300 Selangor

Tel : 012 3744 406


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