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Posted: September 15, 2009 in @ Serdang
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I had a light breakfast ( not because I wanted to, just that it was raining and I was lazy to go for a drive, and hence had to make do with some Digestives and …and and…) , which lead to being hungry at an earlier hour than usual.

We were the first customer at Serdang Home Cook Restaurant ( it was  12 pm) and were ushered into the air conditioned area by a friendly waitress. We  spent a few minutes reading the newspaper clippings plastered on the wall – smiling politicians giving their thumbs up for  the food  and the recommended dishes.

We decided to go for their specialty : lotus leaf  fish (荷叶马友鱼) and  bittergourd with salted egg.

 The waitress came by our table and said that she will give us a complimentary bowl of soup ( which was chicken feet and peanut)  and in the same breath, mentioned that the  chicken feet and the peanut is not very soft as the soup had just being boiling for 1.5 hours. Anyway, I would never say no to free soup ( and for that matter, any freebies :D)

The soup tasted just like homecooked soup , which meant it was pretty ok, and not overly salty or oily.


When the Lotus leaf  fish arrived at our table, we were wondering should we make some calls and get more people at  the table to help us finish the fish as it seemed an overly big fish for 2 persons. The fish, deep fried and drenched with gravy came wrapped in a piece of lotus leaf. I find the meat a bit dry and ‘rough’ ( fish used :- Kurau) , the thick gravy was not too bad,  it was heavy with the flavour of belacan ( prawn paste) plus some  sourness and had generous amount of onions. It was ok although  I prefer the assam fish at Choon Sun .


 Bittergourd with salted egg, I was a bit surprised that the dish looked  so dry but after biting into the first slice of gourd…oh la la…this was superb, first phase  : tongue taste salted egg and Umm…yummy..the distinctive taste of salted egg and the sandy texture of the salted egg coat, after biting passed the surface , the second phase – the bitter of the guord ozzes out and surpassed the taste of the salted egg …what a wonderful dish.


 The damage : fish ( 600g) RM24, bitter gourd with salted egg – RM8, rice RM 1 / bowl.

 Overall : an enjoyable meal, price was reasonable , I would like to return and try out the other dishes ( and re-order the butter gourd with salted egg)

When we passed the restaurant later that night, the place was very crowded and even the  tables set up outside the restaurant ( non airconditioned) were all taken up

Note : the restaurant also offers set lunches ( from mon – fri) which range from RM29.90 ( soup + 3 dishes ( fish+ meat +vege)) for 2-3 pax, RM49.90 (soup + 4 dishes  + fruits)   for 3 -5 pax, RM69.90 (soup + 5 dishes  + fruits )  for  6-8 pax and RM89.90 (soup + 5 dishes  + fruits) for 8 – 10 pax


 Business hours : 11:30am -2;30pm, 5:30pm – 1.00 am

Close on Tues every alternate week.


Serdang Home Cook Restaurant

PT 219, Jalan SK 6/1,

43000 Seri Kembangan, Serdang

Tel : 8945 7066 h/p 012 363 7066


Location :


  1. Vivian Chee says:

    I had the Lotus Leaf fish before in that restaurant.THe taste is quite unique for me & the price’s also reasonable .

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Vivien, thanks for dropping by. Yes,reasonably priced and reasonable quality. i think i have to do a re-visit soon !

  3. Peter says:

    可以麻烦你放上收工酒的 package 与价钱吗?

  4. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Peter, you can call the restaurant to find out the details, the numbers are provided in the post ( and hopefully still valid), all the best !

  5. Peter says:


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