Steamed Sweet Potato Cakes

Posted: August 19, 2009 in Things To Do
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Thanks AhChern for sharing this recipe.


Ingredients :

Part A :  ( mixed the below in a small bowl and  leave  for ½ hour )

 4 teaspoon ( tsp) dried yeast

5 tsp self raising flour

5 tsp warm water

 Part B :

360g sugar

500g self raising flour

2 eggs

250ml thick santan ( coconut milk)

500g sweet potato – shred ,  steam then mashed ( you can replace this with pumpkin)


Method :

1.Beat sugar and eggs until frothy, add in Part A. Mix well.

2. Pour in thick santan and mix

3. Add in mashed sweet potato. mix

4.Fold in self raising flour

5. Pour the ingredients into ceramic cups


6.Steam for ½ hour


Tips :

I was told the secret to making the cakes ‘crack’ –  make an ‘X’ mark and cut across the batter with a knife coated with butter. It seemed to work .


Notes :

I halved the recipe and this made ~20 little cakes

I repeated the recipe using pumpkin, turned out good as well.


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