Adai Village Fish Head 阿大鱼头米@ Pudu

Posted: August 15, 2009 in @ Pudu
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A friend commented the other day ‘ wah..u write food blog ah , so good la, can have free food all the time, can I come with you ahhh ? ’, EHHHH, where got free food la..!! all from own pocket one lerrrr ( except where my fellow dining companions belanja me lorr, which sad to say, is not very often..*hint* hint*) ..meanwhile ….

We arrived at Adai at about 7:30ish on a Saturday , rather than sitting in the shop proper , we chose to sit at the five foot way,  to distance ourselves from the heat and smell of the kitchen. I was a bit surprised that the place was pretty empty, considering that I was warned that there are usually big crowds dining here.

Friendly man ( Michael)  came to our table and took our orders, we ordered deep fried fish slice noodles (you have a choice of fish head of fish slices, and plain or deep fried) with  thin noodles ( you can have thick ( chou- mai) or thin ( yau-mai) noodles,  and black bean paste +bittergourd wat tharn noodles.

For drinks, they had leong-char , lime and sour plum and canned drinks. I  opted for lime and soup plum since I am not a fan of the leong char of the day – pak-chi-chou. I was expecting the blended fresh lime version, but this turned out to be the pickled lime version, which was pretty nice too

When the  deep fried fish slices noodles arrived, we saw slices of fish perched on the soup ( I dunno why, but this reminded me of the synchronized swimmers) and the rest of the stuff were submerged under the sea of milky whitish soup.


We scooped the noodles into the smaller bowls, careful to make sure that we have gathered all the ingredients , salted vegetables, tofu cubes , fish slices, ginger into our bowls. The first bite into the fish slices.. oh la la…bells started to ring, these were absolutely wonderful fish slices !  Unlike the usual  fish meat that goes with fish head noodles where the meat will be kinda rough, dry and chunky, the Adai version appeared to be pan-fried versus deep fried with plenty of oil, the texture was smooth,  the sides were more burnt and hence more crunchy than the middle which was tender. Ahh…to die for la.. I think this would go lovely with rice.  interestingly even when soaked in the soup , the fish slices still maintain it’s texture. By the way, I find the soup and the noodles average only la..but I could still go on about the fish slices…


The black bean paste +bittergourd wat tharn noodles had plenty of bittergourd slices plus fish slices , capsicum and ginger slices. Plenty of  ‘fire’ ( wok hei) from this dish, the bittergourd slices were crunchy (I would prefer it to be softer) and not bitter , the fish slices were bland and tough ( what a pity)- we found the gravy being a tad too sweet for our palate.


One thing I must say, they are generous with the ingredients and the portions are pretty  big as well, between the two of us, we were struggling to finish the two dishes. The various stand alone noodles / rice dishes are priced from RM7 onwards for regular servings, and RM12 onwards for big servings. And apart from that, you can order dishes to go with rice. And for the record, while we were eating, all the tables had been taken up 


I would love to come back again and try the other stuff on the menu..till we meet again..oh.. delicious lovely fish slices..

Adai is open daily for lunch and dinner


Adai Village Fish Head

57, Jalan Landak
Off Jalan Brunei, Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur

03 2145 7178 , 019-2556190 (Michael)

From Sg Besi old airport,  head on to Jalan Pudu, passed Post office..etc, at the traffic light junction make a right into Jalan Brunei, look out for Jalan Landak  road sign ( on your right), turn in,  and then you will see a 7-11 , Adai is on the same row, 2 shops away.   ( round the corner from Pudu Plaza)


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