Kum Kee Chicken Rice金記燒蠟雞飯 @Kuchai Lama

Posted: August 3, 2009 in @ Kuchai Lama
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This is another one of Wiki Lim’s recommendation – in his wise words – roasts equivalent to KL city’s quality, that certainly sounds promising. He passed me the name card ‘Kum Kee Chicken Rice’, with that in hand, I headed to Taman Gembira, Kuchai Lama, bearing in mind to look out for the prominent landmark – the 4 faced Buddha.

Driving into the housing estate, saw the 4 faced Buddha, saw the only kopitiam ( Mooi Mooi) around the vicinity and a stall with roast pork and chicken, but ain’t see no Kum Kee lerrr  ? So, this should be it guarr ? but to be on the safe side of things, i called Wiki for confirmation. Incidentaly, I just missed him by a few minutes as he was heading home after tarpau-ing lunch at the same shop.

4 faced buddha

We ordered a plate of roast pork + char siew +roast chicken. And for other additional dishes, this was provided by the kopitiam, who supply drinks as well as dishes like : stir fried vegetable and tofu, we ordered drinks and stir fried kailan.

The place seemed a bit run down, no proper lighting, old rickety furniture but what a crowd ! it was a full house when we were there for Sunday lunch. Wiki warned me beforehand , be ready with reading materials- for it could be a long wait.

Lucky for us, it wasn’t too long a wait , less than 15 minutes- there was another stall in the kopitiam, that sells noodles and from my observation, most of the patron were having roasts rather than noodles lah.

 The siew yoke ( roast pork) was pretty good, the skin was crunchy and the meat was tender yet firm. The roast chicken , again, pretty good, it had some kinda fragrant ( not sure how to place it), maybe from the roasting process. Of the three,  I enjoyed the char siew the most, the taste was yummy, tinge of Chinese wine, slightly sweetish, I forgot to asked for the half fat-lean meat version, which would have been even better.


I saw some people going up to the counter and scooping up soup from a pot, not to be left out ( kiasu) , I too headed for the soup pot for the free soup , the soup taste just like normal  chicken soup.

The stir fried kailan, was enjoyable, green and crunchy and the kailan shoots were quite tender, it was a bit salty though.


The verdict :  Enjoyed the good meal. Total meal ( abovementioned dishes plus 2 drinks and 2 servings of rice) ~ RM24.

 After the meal, we headed to the 4 faced Buddha across the road, Ommmm….may the chicken and the piggy forgive me…


Kum Kee Chicken Rice@Kuchai Lama

No. 94, Jalan Rukun 2, Taman Gembira,

Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 79824902, 90572873, 012 6338614


Location : From Old Klang Road, turn into Jalan Kuchai. Pass FGA. The first junction with a traffic light, turn right, you will be going up a bit uphill, go straight ,  there will be a no entry road ahead, turn right and go straight until you come to the building with the 4 faced Buddha, Kum Kee ( housed at Kedai Kopi and makanan Mooi Mooi) is at the shoplot opposite of the road

map kum kee


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