Selera Seri Tambang Mee Udang ( Prawn Mee ) @Permatang Pasir, Bukit Mertajam

Posted: July 29, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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Back in the ancient days , from Permatang Pasir,  you would have to pass  a floating bridge to get across a river to get to Sungai Dua , it was kinda exciting to be on a motorbike and to get on the bridge, I have vague memory of this, but I seemed to remember that it’s one way traffic on the bridge and when you see a round green wooden sign,  it’s your turn to get on the bridge and when it’s red, you wait for your turn. Alas, maybe 12 – 15 years ago, this has been replaced by a ‘real’ concrete bridge/road which doesn’t rise or fall with the tide. And double alas ( if there is such a word), the river has dried up and there is no longer a river..well, that’s development for you.

Anyway, back to the main topic, mee udang/ prawn mee

There used to be 2 mee udang stall operating at the same location, and we would always crack our head trying to recall which one serves better food but now, there will no longer be any dilemma as there is only one stall here. After you arrive, before you take a seat and get comfortable, I would suggest you go towards the icebox (next to the counter) and get your hands wet ( and cold), and select the prawns that you want for your meal, well, you can of course ask the waitress to do the honors. 1 only wanted one prawn, my colleague will have two and we decide to get three for our visitor. So, we asked the Kak ( waitress ( sister)) to select 6 medium sized prawns for us.


There are two choice for the noodles, soupy ( mee soup)  or the dry ( mee goreng) version, we ordered both.

It was a nice warm day, just nice for a cold fresh coconut drink ( RM3.50 each) , although we asked not to add any sugar to the drink, this seemed too sweet to be natural.


While waiting for the noodles, saw this notice, declaring that they will be closing during the Puasa ( fasting)  period from 21st  Aug – 12th Sept. ( yes,Mr Polis is watching you, from the flat screen TV, that is )


The soupy noodles arrived first, cabbages, taugeh, fried onions, tomato, spring onions and  hard boiled egg slices  complimented  the dish. The soup was tasty and the prawns were very fresh. The yellow noodles seemed a bit undercooked though, we were the first customer, maybe the cook was in a hurry..


The Mee goreng- this is like mee mamak,  probably pretty much the same vege used as in the soupy noodles, and the cook did a perfect job, I give this a 10/10 rating ! this was yummy yummy and  yummy, the perfect blend and balance of taste. I prefer this to the soupy noodles.


Overall, an enjoyable meal, although it can be pricey – for this meal ( including drinks), it cost us RM65+

**updates 5/8, the mee were RM3 per serving, we asked for 2 servings/pax for the dry and wet noodles  so, it was RM6 / plate or bowl  for what u see in the pixs, and the prawns were charged at RM80/kg, the 6 prawns that we had came close to half a kg 



Business Hours 12pm – 12am



Selera Sri Tambang

No.1 Pengkalan Tambang

13500 Permatang P{asir,

Bukit Mertajam

Tel 012 575 9662 / 017 4633944


From the pekan of Permatang Pauh, take the road leading to Penanti ( this place is halfway between P.pauh and Penanti) , you will pass beautiful green paddy fields and ~ 3 minutes drive, you will come to crossroad ( before crossroad, you see a rice mill on your right and directly at the juntion a kedai kopi) make a right turn, you will pass Sek. Keb Permatang Pasir on your right, go straight and when you come to a highway sorta structure and where  the road start to fork, take the left road, and you will come to  the restaurant ( which is at a dead end)

  1. Mindy Moo says:

    Wow, the prawns look really scrumptious but definitely on the pricey side. How much of the RM65+ is the cost of the prawn mee?

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Mindy, the mee minus prawns are RM5 / plate ( or bowl), and if i remember correctly the 6 prawns that we have ( they go by weight), came close to RM40ish, so prawn noodles ~RM50. The price for the meal will depend on how many prawns you choose to have lah.

  3. Mindy Moo says:

    Thanks, will definitely give it a try next time I head up to Penang!

  4. Glitz & Glamour says:

    Wah … expensive ah….Just like Mamak restaurant kind of pricing, can’t imagine 6 prawns for RM 40+.

  5. pegasuskl says:

    Mindy : would love to read your reviews after u tasted the mee !

    G&G. Ya lor, it’s not cheap. but the fried mee is really good. i wonder would they serve if one just order the mee without prawns 😀

  6. Mindy Moo says:

    Pegasuskl: Not heading to Penang so soon la – but will definitely let u know after I taste and review

    G&G: May order less prawns?

  7. pegasuskl says:

    Just managed to find the receipt for the meal, and updated some prices in the main text 😀

  8. RatuKedah2302 says:

    Kpd semua, kalau nk mkn mee udang, disinilah tempat yg betul. Kesedapan mee udang disini tak dapat nak digmbrkan dengan kata2. Dhl Aku & suami sewaktu masih blm berkahwin, selalu mkn disini kalau nk mkn mee udang berkuah. Km akn pilih sendiri udang sebnyk mn yg km mahu. Dan km hanya duduk dan menunggu dgn tdk sabar utk menikmati kesedapan mee udang berkuah ni. Skrg wpun km tdk lg tggl di Penang, km tetap akn blk kesana 2 atau 3 Kali sethn dan dtg ke Selera Sri Tambang utk mkn di situ, selain mkn di Is Char Koayteow BM, Pasembor Ghani di Pdg Kota, Nadi Kandar Pelita dlllllllllll… Kalau nk mkn sedap, mmg di Penang lah paling bnyk tempat mkn yg hebat….

  9. pegasuskl says:

    Hai Ratu Kedah, kamu ni nampaknya memang peminat setia mee udang Selera Seri Tambang lah. saya sokong – kedua-dua belah tangan: makanan Penang memang BEST !

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