Huong Dong @ Binh Duong, Vietnam

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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We have been traveling around Binh Duong area visiting some customers and as it was nearing lunch time, our Vietnamese host asked ‘ do u eat douug’ ? , my reply ‘ you mean quack quack or woof woof’ ? Turned out that she was referring to  Donald’s clan..

We drove into a cozy looking place with lotsa trees and greens, there were a few dining areas available, one with a larger sitting capacity but there were also individual ‘huts’ where you get to dine privately..


Huong Dong specialized in grilled duck, steamed duck was also on the menu, so we decided to try both version.

The  steamed duck had thick chewy succulent fatty  skin. The meat wasn’t soft, but manageable with a bit of a chew, the ‘duck-ish’ taste wasn’t too strong ( good point). A not too spicy chili + garlic sauce dip came with the duck. Shredded pickled raddish and carrots plus  fresh cabbage lined the steamed duck dish. Hmm..this vegetable salad  was very nice, crunchy, sourish with a tinge of sweetness..nice, my  host told me quietly, she liked the salad better than the duck, I think I agree with her.


Next came the grilled duck, the meat was more tender and less chewy compared to the steamed version, marinated in what tasted like the charsiew type of sauce.

The sauce that came with dish was soy based, but we find that this sauce was a bit overpowering and ‘covered’ the taste of the duck, we felt the earlier chili sauce suit the grilled duck better. The grilled duck was pretty tasty, but I guess I prefer the steamed version as the grilled version doesn’t seemed to differ too much from the roasted duck we get back in KL


Next, waitress came with a pot ‘powered’ by charcoal (traditional steamboar pot, if you hadn’t seen them). I thought it was some kinda soup, turned out to be ( very watery)  porridge, in detail – this was actually duck blood porridge ( to continue with the duck-ish theme mahh)., I have qualms for  these congealed blood but for the sake of the experience, I scooped a few pieces of these maroon colour solids into my bowl, texture was a bit like tofu, but with a rougher texture. The porridge was very pepperish and tasty. Not bad at all…and like Oliver..i asked for more..


Slow and cool breeze, surrounded by greens, good complaints…life is good 😀


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