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Touchdown Ho Chi Minh City

Posted: July 15, 2009 in Sights

Zzzzz…woke  up a bit earlier than usual, got on a cab..and headed to KLIA. Destination : Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

MH750, meal time , there were 2 options : chicken rendang with nasi lemak or satay with fried rice. I opted for the satay. Pretty stewardess passed me the box of goodies, packed in a sturdy recycled box.


And ta daaa….the contents. 3 sticks of satay, 3 Ferrero Roche and 1 packet of Loacker milk vanilla sandwhich..hmm..where are the cut fruits  ?  ..but no complaints..chocs versus fruits, chocs wins !

The meat was a bit dry but tender and well marinate, the satay gravy was not bad although a bit mild, maybe to cater for the ‘international’ crowd guarr..The fried rice tastless, like rice fried in some red oil, so i scooped the satay gravy onto the rice , marked inprovement !


Part of Ho Chi Minh City .


Had an interesting incident when we got on a cab from the airport to the hotel. My colleague was a seasoned traveler to this part of the world ( so he says), normally, I would buy a coupon and hop on a cab, but that costs a bit more, so he waved for a taxi, showed the driver  the hotel reservation printout / name and location of hotel, loaded our bags in the boot. Then colleague noticed that the meter of the taxi was already showing  295,000Dong ( ~ RM60), colleague said, ‘re-set your meter’, driver pretend to look at hotel reservation printout and said ‘later, later’..

Colleague shouted : re-set your meter

Driver , shaking head while pressing some buttons on the meter : meter spoil, you say how much ?

Colleague : re-set your meter

Driver : meter spoil, you say how much ?

Colleague : K*****I, stop the taxi, we want to go down

Driver : OK , OK .

Driver turn back into airport area (meter was already showing 298,000D) and dropped us not where he picked us, but at a compound where a few taxi’s were parked, and instructed us to get into the other cabs there. We took our luggage from the boot and walked 5 minutes back to the airport arrival area. And took another cab. Driver immediately re-set the meter as we got on. It was  minivan thingy, so the charges was slightly more than the regular taxi ( I think), rates are at 10.50Dong/ km ( sticker on the dashboard said so).

I guess unscrupulous people are everywhere…